CATCHCON Today in Seattle, Washington

CatchCon, it’s happening today!  From the Seattle Times Online…

The strangest catch: Fans of Discovery Channel show gather in Seattle

Skippers Sig Hansen, Phil Harris and the testosterone-charged Bering Sea crab fishermen from the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” will drop anchor in Seattle Saturday for CatchCon, the first convention for this pop-culture phenomenon.

If you didn’t know about CatchCon until now, then:

1. You are already out of luck — it’s sold out. And …

2. “Deadliest Catch” loyalists wouldn’t consider you a hard-core fan, anyway.

Fans of the “Deadliest Catch” look at CatchCon as their Trekkie convention, with die-hards coming from as far as Wisconsin, Maryland and Florida. It’s one of the hottest tickets in town.

On March 24, the Discovery Channel revealed to a few fan sites that the skippers, many of whom live in Seattle, would talk about their sea adventures, lead boat tours and sign autographs at a free convention for their fans.

Word spread through cyberspace. By next morning, 500 fans registered, the maximum capacity, with another 600 wait-listed, a Discovery Channel spokesman said.

For weeks, organizers didn’t reveal CatchCon would be held at the Bell Harbor International Center, for crowd-control purposes.

One of the lucky CatchCon ticket holders, Melissa Lobach, of Reading, Pa., is such a fan that she discusses each episode with her girlfriend on Skype between commercials.

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