Sig Hansen Interview

Sig Hansen--F/V Northwestern (image courtesy of Discovery)

Sig Hansen--F/V Northwestern (image courtesy of Discovery)

No stranger to Maxim, Sig sat just long enough to give a pretty entertaining interview  just as season 5 of ‘Deadliest Catch’ began airing.  What seems to amaze him and the other featured skippers the most these days, is the ever-growing popularity of  ‘Deadliest Catch’. 
Deadliest Reports isn’t surprised at all however.

Captain Sig Dishes on “Deadliest Catch”

The toughest/craziest/bravest effin’ fishermen on the high seas are back for a fifth season as Deadliest Catch premieres tonight at 9 PM ET on the Discovery Channel. We’re celebrating the return of our favorite reality show by talking with the man at the helm of the Northwestern, Captain Sig Hansen. Learn how this Seattle-based badass survives the brutal Bering Sea, overcomes sleep deprivation, and relaxes with Desperate Housewives.

Did you ever imagine Deadliest Catch would be this popular?
Absolutely not. It was supposed to be a documentary for the first year, and it just kept snowballing.

I’ve noticed that you guys pull marathon hours when you’re out at sea. What’s the longest you’ve been awake?
Over three days.

How do you do that? What’s the trick?
It’s just determination.

And coffee?
Yeah, a lot of coffee, chocolate, and cigarettes.

When do you decide that enough is enough and you’ve got to sleep?
You start hallucinating. (Laughs) It depends and if you know that bad weather is coming in, you do whatever. But, our goal is to have a steady schedule; it just doesn’t happen all the time.

You mentioned hallucinating. What’s the craziest shit you’ve seen?
I remember when I was a kid, I was a deckhand. A guy woke me up for a watch, and I’d been up for I don’t know how long. When you take a watch, and it’s a four-man deck, everybody takes an hour. I was the second watch. In other words, I had slept for an hour and he puts me up in the wheelhouse, and I was hallucinating…I thought I was on another boat with another captain. It didn’t make sense to me. I saw two images on the radar and it looked like 10 because the crab lights were glistening in the windows. I did that for about an hour. I didn’t realize where I was.

When you call a life insurance company, do they hang up on you immediately?
Oh no, we can get life insurance. The boat has us covered that way. There’s no retirement for a fisherman.

How many times during your fishing career have you truly been concerned for your life?
A couple, three times.

Tell me about the worst.
We had the boat iced down so bad that we had three- to four-foot thick ice around the boat. We took this wave, and the bow had become this iceberg. The boat was sinking. I had water up to the wheelhouse windows. She was going down nose first. I just floored it and turned it hard over. When the next wave hit me, it turned the boat to the side and washed all the water out, and she slowly came back. It took us 18 hours to get the ice off the boat.

Do you ever have a greenhorn on board that just completely loses his shit?
Oh yeah.

How do you handle that?
(Evil laugh) I don’t. It’s too bad for them.

Continued on Maxim

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3 Responses to Sig Hansen Interview

  1. les carroll says:

    when does your new season begin? and I am admired with the “Balls “it takes to do the stuff you guys do..I am from Florida and your weather makes our hurricanes look like spring showers and Ive been in 14 hurricanes during my hats off to you and your crew

  2. Ret Deputy Garcia says:

    I have a question more than a reply and hopefully you know the answer. I am very familiar with on the job family, honor and respect for those that have paid a high price for what they do for a living. It truly makes my heart cry when I see those lost at sea, but I have wondered what happens to the pods left by a lost ship? Do the other Captains pick them up and take it them to Dutch Harbor so the family can get the funds for experiences or are they left out to sea?

  3. Ret Deputy Garcia says:

    P. S. great article on Captain Hansen but not so good picture.

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