Sig Hansen & Keith Colburn on Katmai Tragedy

A few weeks ago, Sig Hansen and Keith Colburn made their rounds promoting the upcoming fifth season of ‘Deadliest Catch’ and explained a bit of their reaction to the sinking of the F/V Katmai.  There’s also additional information about the Katmai if you follow the link.

Sig Hansen: ‘No Way’ He Would Tell Crew About Katmai

NEW YORK — As wheel house two-way radios crackled with news of trouble on the fishing vessel Katmai last fall, captains didn’t share the information with their crews, Sig Hansen acknowledged in an interview on the CBS “Early Show” Tuesday morning.


Hansen, appearing with Captain Keith Colburn to promote the new season of “The Deadliest Catch,” said he would “absolutely not” tell his crew about what happened with the Katmai, which sank while film crews were shooting aboard his boat, the Northwestern.


In response to a question from the “Early Show’s” Harry Smith about whether a captain should talk about trouble on another boat in the fleet, Hansen said, “No way. You got to keep the morale up, so you don’t want to bring them down.”


“You gotta pick your time (to tell the crew about it),” he added…

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One Response to Sig Hansen & Keith Colburn on Katmai Tragedy

  1. Christopher says:

    That’s a really sad tragedy…I am following this story by getting alerts from Trackle

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