Phil Harris, F/V Cornelia Marie, and His Coffee

In an article called TV CRABBER VISITS TOWN, Susan Chambers writes about Phil Harris’s well received visit.  To try some of Phil’s gourmet coffee yourself, please visit

A touch of celebrity madness hit Bandon last week as one of the captains on Discovery Channel’s popular docudrama, “Deadliest Catch,” brewed into town.

Capt. Phil Harris, of the F/V Cornelia Marie, visited Ray’s Food Place to promote his new line of Gourmet Coffee, Captain’s Reserve, and the TV show on Tuesday, April 7. Fans lined up to get his autograph, have their pictures taken with the fisherman celebrity and enjoy some coffee.

“I’m just happy to be here,” Harris said as he patiently posed for photos and greeted his fans.

Last year, during season four of the show, Harris suffered an embolism in his leg that made its way through his heart. He ended up visiting several hospitals and he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to fish again the next season. Fans will have to wait to discover the outcome during season five, which started Tuesday. The show is on at 9 p.m.

Coquille resident Jerry Green tried a few flavors of coffee that include Midnight Sunrise, Captain’s Reserve, Josh and Jake’s Deckhand, Harris Family Blend and Greenhorn.

“I watch the show all the time,” Green said. A former fisherman, tow boat worker and processor employee, Green knew most of the fishermen a few years ago in the Eureka, Calif., area. It’s a far cry from the frozen Bering Sea, but he remembers the fishing industry with fondness and admires the captains and crews who head to sea in search of king and opilio crab in the Alaskan winters.

And Harris is one of his favorite captains on the show…

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6 Responses to Phil Harris, F/V Cornelia Marie, and His Coffee

  1. Teresa says:

    Hwllo Phil
    I am so glad you are feeling better and I hope you can get back to fishing you are a pleasure for my eyes

    May life treat you Kindly
    Teresa Jarvis

  2. Della says:

    Hi Capt. Phil; I HAVE to agree that you are a PLEASURE for the eyes!! Luv your tat’s. Which Harley do you ride? I ride a 03 Honda Shadow Spirit & belong to the NC/SC Motor Maids. I ride almost every day somewhere. Only second to my grandaughter,my bike is my greatest passion! I am from the east coast of North Carolina. Do you think you will come back for a visit anythime in the future? You & Capt. Jonathon were in Wilimington,NC a yeard or so ago. Sorry I missed you there 😦
    Take care & fair weather to you

  3. Joseph Lee says:

    Good Day I am a fan of Diedliest catch living in Cape Town, South Africa and also an ex engineering officer in the merchant navy. I would like to know how is Phil Harris’s health and was he fit for sea duty again. If not what has happened the Cornealia Marie and is Jake and Josh still aboard.When does the next season start here in South Africa.



  4. Sharon Veit says:

    I would like a one on one conversation with Phil Harris,

  5. Brenda says:

    Hi Phil,
    Wish I had run into you when I was working in Alaska a few years ago. Maybe when you tire of catching crabs and selling coffee, you might consider coming to Nashville and breaking into Country Music…everybody else does!

  6. shelly hockensmith says:

    hey phil,
    Just wanted to say that you and your crew are the best. I would also like to say that it is good to have you back on the show, didn’t like that you were gone even though murray did a great job. There isn’t any one like you. be careful out there.

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