Here they are! ‘Deadliest Catch’ season 5 Fishing Vessels!

Say hello to the co-stars of ‘Deadliest Catch’ season 5–the ‘homes’ away from home to the featured fishermen of Discovery’s Emmy-award winning show that we’ve all come to know and love!  These are the boats where the action takes place every Tuesday at 9pm eastern for the next sixteen weeks!  Are you ready? (All images courtesy of Discovery)

F/V Wizard

F/V Wizard

 Year Built: 1945
Home port is Seattle,
Rebuilt in Hull Type: IRON/STEEL/ALLOY 
Gross Tons: 499 
Net Tons: 371 
Vessel Length: 156 feet
Horse Power: 1200 
Fuel Capacity: 50000 
Engine Type: DIESEL 
ADFG# 35265
F/V Northwestern

F/V Northwestern

 Year Built: 1977
Homeport is Seattle, WA
Gross Tons: 197 
Net Tons: 134 
Vessel Length: 125 feet
Horse Power: 1280 
Fuel Capacity: 60000 
ADFG# 29962
F/V Cornelia Marie
F/V Cornelia Marie
Year Built: 1989
Homeport is Kodiak, AK
Fuel System: (9) Fuel Oil tanks – 25,800 gallons 
Horse Power: 660 
Engine Type: DIESEL
Net Tons: 136 
Vessel Length: 125 feet
Rebuilt: 1995 – 21’ extension 
Width: 28 feet
Depth: 11.7 feet
ADFG# 59109
F/V TimeBandit
F/V TimeBandit
Built in 1991
Homeport is Homer, AK
Boat length: 113'
Gross Tons: 196 
Fuel Capacity: 22000 
Engine Type: DIESEL 
ADFG# 65577
F/V Trailblazer
F/V Trailblazer
Built in 1978
Current Boat length:  133'
Original length:  108'
Will hold 250 pots
*Currently all boat specs are being updated--motors, generator, interior, etc...
F/V Lisa Marie
F/V Lisa Marie
Year Built: 1996
Home Port is Emmonak, AK
ADFG# 70221
78' in length
Horse Power: 850
Fuel Capacity: 10000
Gross Tons: 171
Net Tons: 137
Engine Type: DIESEL
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