Episode 1–April 14th    EVERYTHING ON THE LINE

The 2008 king crab season opens with life and death stakes before the boats even cast off. The fleet is aging, and so are the captains. The Wizard’s skipper Keith and the Cornelia Marie’s skipper Phil have ominous health symptoms. Nerves are raw as the two men await medical test results — and their doctors’ clearance to fish. As the fleet launches, the captains are under huge financial pressure from costly summer boat repairs; they need to get on crab fast. One skipper arrives on the crab grounds and discovers he isn’t able to fish at all — due to a damaged hull. To make repairs, he puts on diving gear and descends into waters few men return from — the icy Bering Sea.






 (artwork courtesy of Discovery)

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4 Responses to ‘DEADLIEST CATCH’ TONIGHT! Everything On The Line

  1. FeFe says:

    Excellent season opener. Luck.

  2. FeFe says:

    Also, love your sight. Thank you.

  3. manele says:

    WOW! I was sitting up in bed just mesmerized and had my mouth hanging open with every moment of drama and surprise happenings.
    I could not believe everything that went on! What a season this will be! I was glad to see Cosby Leveen (sp?) back he’s cute!

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