Hillstrands to be on Bonnie Hunt Show April 15th

This coming week keeps getting deadlier and deadlier!  First off, we have Alaska Week on the Discovery channel airing all week, then we have the premiere of ‘Deadliest Catch’ season 5 on Tuesday, and now here comes captains Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand cooking on the Bonnie Hunt show on Wednesday!

Did everyone take a week off work like I did?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Kathy Griffin (“The A-List Awards/She’ll Cut a Bitch”): This hilarious, self-proclaimed D-lister (and two-time Emmy winner) is hosting the A-List awards. She’s also got a new standup show coming out, and if the name of it is any indication… it should be great!

John Hemple: Bonnie is continuing her workout routine with the return of her new personal trainer. What sort of workout tips will he have in store for her to work on this time? Don’t miss these helpful pointers!

Johnathan & Andy Hillstrand (“Deadliest Catch”): These brothers have what’s been called one of the deadliest professions on the planet. As king crab fisherman, these two and their crew have had more brushes with death than most people will have in a lifetime. What do guys out at sea for months on end eat? They’ll prepare one of their crab recipes for Bonnie!


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One Response to Hillstrands to be on Bonnie Hunt Show April 15th

  1. Lothian says:

    Girl, not the whole week but I did take off Monday and Tuesday! I can’t wait for the new season, it looks awesome.

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