F/V Incentive to be on Deadliest Catch season 5

A few days ago the Kodiak Daily Mirror published an interesting and detailed article about Discovery having filmed aboard the F/V Incentive for approximately 6 weeks, the question remained–would they be shown in the series, as the Discovery website doesn’t list the F/V Incentive crew along with their season 5 biographies.  Yesterday the Kodiak Daily Mirror clarified that with this short article:

…The all-Kodiak crew of the F/V Incentive will be featured in the opilio crab season portion of Season 5 of the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” series, beginning in Episode 8 through Episode 16. The season premiere starts Tuesday, April 14.
Incentive Captain Harry Lewis and some of the crew will be at the premiere, Tuesday, in Los Angeles.  (Link)

Now to learn more about the F/V Incentive and crew, you may want to check out the following article–Incentive says Goodbye to Film Crew, Hello to Television Fame–as it sounds like we may be seeing more of them during the airing of Opilio season…

Spoiler alert: It was a tough winter for the 100-percent, all-Kodiak crew of Incentive, and everyone who tunes in will know that, too.

Incentive captain Harry Lewis and his six crew members — Larry Ryser, Doug Dawson, Larry Gunderson, Dominic Costello, Jimmy Johnson and Nuni Canete — recently finished catching crab in the Bering Sea while being filmed for “Deadliest Catch,” the popular Discovery Channel series about life on ship during Bering Sea crab seasons…

 Harris said they didn’t quite make the 800,000 thousand-pound catch goal during the tough winter. They left on Jan. 1 on the dawn of a new year and stayed out longer than normal, until mid-March. During that time they delivered to Akutan, King Cove and Dutch Harbor.

The weather “was as bad as any. We had a lot of real bad wind and bad storms,” said Lewis. “It was not a nice winter. The ice came down real fast, real early in the year.”

Dawson agreed, adding that “the weather was horrid the entire time … it was definitely a long grind.”

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3 Responses to F/V Incentive to be on Deadliest Catch season 5

  1. Adam says:

    looking at the episode descriptions on the discovery site it seems there will be 7 episodes on king crab season and 9 on opilio, this post seems to support this aswell. Soounds Gooood!

  2. JK says:

    When will the new season for Deadliest Catch begin showing on Discovery? We love the show. Thank you. JK

  3. opilia says:

    Hi JK–If you mean season 6, it should start April 13th, from what I hear…

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