Deadliest Catch on Larry King Live!

Phil Harris and sons Jake and Josh of the Cornelia Marie will make an appearance on Larry King Live on CNN this Friday 04/10/09 at 9pm eastern!  First Marie Osmond and then the Harris Clan.  Check out the schedule.

Friday: Marie Osmond
Friday: Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond! She dropped dress sizes — now she’s sizing up this season’s “Dancing with the Stars”!

Plus, Captain Phil and sons from TV’s “Deadliest Catch!” Their scariest life and death moments on the job!

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3 Responses to Deadliest Catch on Larry King Live!

  1. manele says:

    GREAT segment! Great scenes from the show. I wish however that Larry King had done his homework better though. Phil looks
    great and it was fun to see him and his sons interacting. What a handsome and dedicated family, you could “feel” the love they have
    for each other.

  2. Bandita Helen says:

    Yes, Phil does look good! And the boys did well, too. Great interview.

    I agree, it seemed like Larry really didn’t know the show & re-hashed some of the same old questions. I did like Phil’s answer when he was asked if he could ever fish again: “You’ll have to watch the show. It’s not as is all seems.”…..makes me want to watch the show even more…and I didn’t think that was possible!

  3. As an alaskan girl, I love the show. Kodiak is my home town and Captian Harry is my cousin. I havent been in touch for years but I hope he recieves this e-mail. I think he needs to be featured more. He is a great “character” who hasnt been able to let his true colors and humor show. He wouldnt be in anyway a dissapointment. Great job “Brad” and take care.

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