‘Deadliest Catch’ 5 Boats & Crews

Returning are the Cornelia Marie, Time Bandit, Northwestern, and Wizard. New to the scene are the Lisa Marie and Trailblazer. For pics check out Discovery’s crew introduction!



F/V Cornelia Marie:
Captain: Phil Harris
Relief skipper: Murray Gamrath
Chief Engineer: Mark Anderson
Deckhand:  Jake Harris
Deckhand:  Josh Harris
Deckhand:  Corey Eisenbarth
Deckhand:  Freddy Maugatai

F/V Time Bandit

Captain: Johnathan Hillstrand/Andy Hillstrand
Deckhand:  Neal Hillstrand
Deckhand:  Russell Newberry
Deckhand:  Scott Hillstrand
Deckhand:  Mike Fourtener
Deckhand:  Eddie Owekoolani

F/V Northwestern

Captain: Sig Hansen
Chief Engineer/Deckboss: Edgar Hansen
Deckhand:  Norman Hansen
Deckhand:  Nick Mavar Jr.
Deckhand:  Matt Bradley
Deckhand:  Jake Andersen

F/V Wizard

Captain: Keith Colburn
Relief skipper: Monte Colburn
First Mate:  Gary Soper
Chief Engineer: Lenny Lekanoff
Deckhand:  Crosby Leveen
Deckhand:  Travis Loftlend
Deckhand:  Lynn Guitard
Green Horn:  Josh Warner

F/V Lisa Marie
Captain:  Wade Henley
Chief Engineer:  James Chrichton
Deckhand:  Robert Christensen
Deckhand:  Karols Charlie Gaspar
Deckhand:  Brandon Williams
Greenhorn:  Dave Christensen

F/V Trailblazer
Captain:  Wayne Baker
Chief Engineer/Deckboss:  Tristan Burris
Engineer:  Monte Beck
Deckhand:  Scott Newman
Deckhand:  Scott ‘Sky’ Doar
Deckhand:  Chet Hamilton
Greenhorn:  Victor Swan

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4 Responses to ‘Deadliest Catch’ 5 Boats & Crews

  1. Glenda says:

    Neal Hillstrand’s name was left off of the list for FV Time Bandit as captain/deckhand. We love Neal and would like to see his name up there. He sure deserves it.

  2. opilia says:

    Hi Glenda! …You’re right! I just added Neal. Thanks

  3. capt andrew says:

    No North American or Early Dawn this season?

  4. Laszlo says:

    Greetings from Hungary to Karols Charlie Gaspar and the crew of Lisa Marie
    you are the best catch the rest of the crabs.

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