Finding Fishing Jobs is Tricky, but can be done…

 Heads up to everyone who–thanks to ‘Deadliest Catch’–now has fishing fever!  Here’s some supporting evidence that work actually can be found in Alaska’s fishing industry, and here’s how someone did it:

Daniel Pye of the Towanda News wrote a story–a crab fishing type of story–of how Charles Wilkins found himself a job in Alaska by applying for work online at a seafood processor.  Surprisingly Wilkins then went from working on that processor to taking part in the actual fishing/crabbing  on a fishing boat, in no time.  Check it out…

When people in the Tonawandas are complaining about winter weather, Charles Wilkins is braving minus 40 degree weather and 40 mile per hour winds on the Bering Sea.Wilkins left Kenmore last year, looking for an adventurous and lucrative job. He found just that on board the Arctic Star, a fishing ship that trolls the chilly waters near the Arctic Circle.

Wilkins’ father, Dan, said his son inquired about the career after seeing the TV show “Deadliest Catch,” which features the exploits of similar fishing boats doing the dangerous work.

“He applied for the job on-line through Seattle’s Icicle Seafoods,” Dan said.

After making his own way to Seattle, the company flew Wilkins to Anchorage and then to the port of Dutch Harbor on the Aleutian island chain.

“They had to come in like a corkscrew,” Dan said. “He said it was the most terrifying thing he’s ever done in a plane.”

A helicopter carried him out to a processing boat, where he was initially assigned. But before long Wilkins made his way onto a fishing boat, where he operates the boat’s crane and helps package the fish and crabs they catch…

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5 Responses to Finding Fishing Jobs is Tricky, but can be done…

  1. michael moar says:

    hello name is mikey.for the last 16 months i have been a prawn fisherman in the north sea/Atlantic ocean scotland.Sadly the fishing industry here is hanging in the balance.for many years our seas were rich with fish and things could not have got any better for scotish fishermen.however in recent years stocks have dwindeled and a total ban of fishing looks inevetable in the near future so stalks of fish and prawns can get a chance to this moment many boats are strugling to pay there crew.If it were not for philipino fishermen coming to work in scotland many of the boats would not even make it to sea.The wages are geting poorer and with unpredictable oil prices most men simply are just giving up on the sea and finding employment elsewear on own skipper has advised me to find work elsewear so i have decided to try find work as a crab fisherman in alaska.i have watched how you guys work and have been inspired by wat you do.Its a different kettle of fish from trawling but im a fit 23 year old man and im positive ive got wat it takes to be a strong hand for any crew.yours sincerly MICHAEL MOAR.GOD BLESS.

  2. Carlisleboy says:

    I REALLY can not stress enough though, That UNLESS YOU HAVE A JOB DO NOT COME TO DUTCH and think you are getting on a crab boat. I work at the hotel and every season we see people come up and think that they are going to get a Job on the Northwestern or the Time Bandit. They end up flying home once their money runs out or working in a processing plant to get the money to fly home.
    Unisea, Westward, and Alyeska all have websites where you can apply for a job in the Processing plants. It is NOT Crabbing, but if you want to experience Dutch, it is a way that you can do it, and make some money too.

  3. Thank you for breaking down the industry so a lay person could understand it. I look forward to getting to Alaska again. It helps so much whenever a greenhorn can learn any amount of information. I will keep researching until I fly out to have as much knowledge as I can.




  5. SAL THE PAL says:

    September 21, 2010 at 9:31 pm
    Hello fellow fisherman…. my name is Sal , i am 24yrs young and i have been watching the deadliest catch and i must say u men are great and brave as they come …. well i have been fishing with my father since i was 17 on several jobs my skills are: a great deck hand and baiter …… im young and interested to get a job in the fishing industry…. i recently closed and sold my mmj business….. my father passed 1 yr ago and the very most important thing that reminds me of him is fishing…. i dont own my boat but i think i will do great in this field… also id like to explore the seas and be a great member of a fishing team…. well i hope somone contacts me with some great information… my number is *** 818-675-5393 *** God bless everyone…

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