2008-2009 King Crab season was a long one….

According to Unalaska’s local news station–KUCB News–the Bristol Bay King crab season was fished quite a bit later into December compared to the normal average finish date of November 15th.  As of Christmas Eve–December 24th–there was still one crabber out at sea pulling pots to make his quota.  The reason for this?  …According to the article the number of crab per pot was down this season compared to the last two years.  On a high note however,  prices seemed way up this season with an average of 81 cents per lb increase over last year.

From KUCB News…UNALASKA, AK (2008-12-24) The Bristol Bay Red King Crab season is closing up later than usual this year. Fish & Game area management biologist Forrest Bowers said most boats usually finish up by November 15. This year, at least a quarter were still fishing through the beginning of December to catch the 20 million pound TAC. Now, only one of the 78 boats is still on the water trying for the last 75,000 pounds of TAC. Bowers said the catch rate dropped from 28 legal crab per pot last year to 22 this year.

“A little bit of a concern there but relative to the history of the fishery 22 legal crab per pot is still very good fishing it’s just not quite as good as in 2006 and 2007,” he said.

The average weight of the crab increased from about 6.5 pounds to 6.7. Bowers said the decrease in abundance but increase in weight kept the TAC stable at about 20 million pounds, which is unusual…

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