Updating and changes in progress

Happy ‘Deadliest Catch’ Marathon day!   …Hope all U.S. & Canadian viewers are watching!  There’s changes afoot at Deadliest Reports and its all a work in progress so please disregard a few blank spaces and incomplete images.

As usual, thanks much for taking the time to stop by to keep up with the action and fishermen on the Bering sea.  …Keep coming back!


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10 Responses to Updating and changes in progress

  1. Lothian says:

    The new site is beautiful! Excellent job.

  2. opilia says:

    Thanks Lothian!

  3. jeff anderson says:

    deadliest catch is by far the shows i have ever seen on tv including cowboy shows, all i want to know is, when the new series begins? i”ve been looking everywhere,it would be really great if you could let me know somehow . Thanks alot, Jeff

  4. jeff anderson says:

    i said your show was the best show i have ever seen on tv even better than cowboy movies or shows. jeff

  5. LLama says:

    It is looking good. Love the Norman Video!!!!

  6. opilia says:

    Thank you all. New season should roll out sometime in April I would think, like previous seasons.

  7. Sheldon Levy says:

    Is there any way that the production crew can convince Discovery Channel to allow the episodes of BEHIND THE CATCH to be placed onto DVD? IMO…they would add a lot to the boxed sets.



  8. opilia says:

    Hi Shell,
    Do you mean AFTER THE CATCH? If so, the Discovery dvd set of season 4 states that it included a bonus dvd of ‘After the Catch’, and I was able to download both season 1 and 2 of After the Catch from itunes. Hope that helps…

  9. mamawas says:

    Thanks Disco for keeping us updated on all things DC. I love reading producers’ blogs too.

  10. Elisabeth says:

    Hi!Me and my husband have fallow this men out of the see fore a long time now on Discovery,our favorite is the hansens family besause we are from sweden and norway is not so far away from us.. We have have good time when we see this on Discovery but sometime is it sad when we have seen people died.. Whis all fish men a happy season whit many crabbs.. Best whises from elisabeth whit husband in south of sweden

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