‘Deadliest Catch’: New season, new boats!

Yesterday on one of Discovery’s ‘Deadliest Catch’ blogs, it was announced that we could expect to see the F/V Trailblazer and while this most certainly may be new season 5 information, it’s actually a partial confirmation on some of what’s been discussed on the Discovery fanboards as well as on the fishing docks.  Word on the dock has it that not only will we see the Trailblazer, but possibly the F/V Lisa Marie as well.  That would bring 2 new fishing vessels to the upcoming season and they would join up with the previously features crews of the Northwestern, Time Bandit, Cornelia Marie, and Wizard.  The Sea Star will of course be on the scene as a chase boat,  allowing camera crews to film those great at-sea scenes that help make the show.  …Just 5 more months or so, ’til season 5 debut!

From Discovery…

Deadliestcatch5bandit Last month, we posted a news story about the Katmai, a long-line fishing boat, succumbing to the Bering with only a few survivors. While none of the Deadliest Catch boats were involved, the Coast Guard was there and the Deadliest Catch film crew has the footage of their daring search and rescue efforts.

Speaking of rescues, remember the Time Bandit’s gutsy save during Season 3? Josh White, a deckhand aboard the Trailblazer fell overboard to an almost certain death, before the Time Bandit spotted him. Johnathan and the rest of the Time Bandit crew may never forget the look of terror mixed with gratitude on Josh’s face after they pulled him from the Bering’s death grip.

In the meantime, the captains and crew are back in Dutch after king crab season to spend Thanksgiving at home. After you’ve have you’ve had your fill of turkey, you can fill up on crab and watch the Deadliest Catch Marathon the day after Thanksgiving on Friday, Nov. 28.


This season, we get to hear from the other boat involved in the incident—the Trailblazer. The 133-foot house aft boat is captained by Wayne Baker. Keep checking this space for more info on the newest Deadliest Catch  boat, Capt. Wayne and his six man crew.


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5 Responses to ‘Deadliest Catch’: New season, new boats!

  1. Dawn says:

    Well, I like the show. I always liked the show. I know the camera crews are always trying to get the best shot but I think the Captains and their crews are the show and we all have to remember that.

    Kudos to the cameramen, but learn to fish and get in front of the cameras, sometimes with the guys.
    That would be a cool thing.
    More boats, good. It’s good for the fishing industry.
    How about an off shoot show on how the Captains help the communities as well.

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  3. Nelson says:

    How’s Capt. Phil ? He’s a lucky man. God blesses the fishermen who take care of their own. It’s a wild woman, the sea, who not only commands her respect but also demands a fishermen full time observation of how quickly her conditions can change. I love the show and all the players from the Captains to the crews and the cameramen who put their lives on the line in incredible weather. To bring us a story about what it takes to bring a favorite dinner fare to the table and the risk it takes to get it there. Sometimes paying the ultimate price, their lives.I may be an amateur at crabbing from Florida,stone crab,blue crab,on a recreational basis but I have had my day at sea.Stupid as it sounds I went 38 miles off shore in the summer time in the Gulf of Mexico in a 1971 17 ft Mako to go fishing for grouper.Fresh Yamaha 115 hp 4 stroke power I wanted to test my range, BIG mistake! After having a dead calm day I heard several big booms in the distance.A summer storm had formed with thunderheads to 40,000 ft plus. After listening to the weather report that ALL boats should return to port,that’s just what I did. Battened everything down and headed for the barn. An 1 1/2 hour trip out turned into a “3 hour tour” back in !Waves where between 7 – 9 ft but the 55+ mph winds blew the first 2 -3 ft off of them.I’ve spent most of my life on bigger boats and sometimes in bad ,nasty weather with a captain on the boat I trusted with my life.This day, I was that captain.We made it back to port with the bilge on overdrive and my fiancee at the time,was ready to kill me.First thing I did was dry my hands, light a cigarette,smoke it in 3 drags,crack a beer which because of all the salt water in my sinuses blew out like putting an Alka-Seltzer up my nose. That’s why I have a much greater appreciation of the sea and what these guys do to make the show happen. I just wish I had a film crew that day !! Keep it up gentlemen. Stay safe. Nelson

  4. Glen A Phillips says:

    I have watched The Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch every season and plan to watch The Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch Season 6. I have a background in the crabbing industry, having owned and worked two boats and a rig of 357 crabpots on the Chesapeake Bay. I have first hand experience, and could write stories about crabbing in more fair weather and foul weather on the Chesapeake Bay than there is space in this comment text area to do so. I could tell you stories like the one were my Dad and I while fishing on his 38 foot fishing party (Colonel II) while fishing near Bouy 54 on the Southwest Middle Grounds were surprised by a thunderstorm that formed over the mouth of the Patomac River around 8pm one late July evening and blew 35 knots with 50+ gusts that capsized a 22 foot Shamrock inboard with two on board. And how we hauled in both anchors, motored for a mile or so to searched for and rescued the two occupants. Or how Captain Henry Gootee and I went out one March night on the Striker (a 42 foot fishing party boat) to look for a Chesapeake Bay built skipjack and its crew that went missing after a sudden northwester that capsized the 48 foot skipjack. And how we found it and the next day I went out with my uncle and cousin on my Uncle Leon’s 46 foot twin diesel engine pound net fishing boat and recovered the bodies of three of the six man crew. Unfortunately there are more stories. But, I have never seen sea conditions like I have seen on the Berring Sea like the crews on the F/V on The Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch have endured!!! I do enjoy the show and agree that it is the pure nature of the Captains and crews of the F/Vs and that expertise of the camera crews that bring the documentary(s) to the Discovery Channel viewers that make the Deadliest Catch series an interesting success. Discovery Channel – keep the cameras rolling….

  5. daniel gonzalez says:

    it would be a great thing if you guys would go out and help the whale war guys and help them save whales. You have the ships that would make a differance for the cause. It would make an awsome show with fisherman helping out an endangered species. Just an idea, hope you enbrace it. Love the show.

    Danny & Randi
    Clayton, NC

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