Signed Northwestern Jacket up for auction!


Attn: Capt. Sig fans . . .

They are same ones as crew members receive after working on the Northwestern for a year!  So, you don’t have to freeze your butt’s off and risk your life on the Bering Sea to get a jacket, you just have to make a bid for a great cause!!

The Plum Cove School is having an auction and our friend Capt. Sig was nice enough to autograph a jacket for us. 


Early last summer, Sig Hansen attended and was featured at charity event at Plum Cove School, Gloucester, Mass., where his appearance and work raised funds to build a playground.  And thanks to the Northwestern skipper–mission accomplished!  Now we move on to part deux…

Yes, the school is now raising funds for everything else.  The bottom line is Plum Cove School is growing, growing, growing (see below), and they’ve decided to auction off to the highest bidder, an autographed Northwestern jacket signed by none other then Captain Sig Hansen!

We were fortunate to be able to completely rebuild our playground in 3 short months, with the help of Sig’s appearance at our fundraising event and our dedicated volunteers.  The work is featured on the www.goodmorninggloucester.wordpress site. 

Until last year our school served a k-1 population with only 6 classrooms and our parent organization was partnered with another school.  As a result of a major redistricting in our school district, 5 modular classrooms were added and we became a k-4 school this September (growing to k-5 next year).  We had to start a brand new parent organization on June 1 of 2008 and we need to raise funds for basically everything.  We are starting from scratch.  Our library must grow to serve the older grades, our inventory of all supplies has to be increased, we have more teachers and more students to support, etc.

 Check out the jacket & bid!

Official F/V Northwestern jacket!
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6 Responses to Signed Northwestern Jacket up for auction!

  1. Lothian says:

    and to think poor Jake worked so hard to get one of his own! ; )

  2. Pinkcrab says:

    Thanks Opilia for spreading the word. It’s for a wonderful cause! This is a once in a life time chance to own a crew jacket.! Sig & crew ROCK!

  3. opilia says:

    Lol Lothian! You’re so right!

    Pinkcrab–It’s a great cause. Sig Hansen has sure developed a great record for charity work this last year!

  4. Dawn says:

    It is great to know Sig can be as charitable as he
    is good at being a Captain.

    Thanks Sig.

    Thanks Opilio for telling us all the good stuff our boys do.

  5. keith says:

    where can u buy a jacket like this with boat on back?cant seem to find one.plz let me me at


  6. Lori says:

    The Hansen ~ boys are by far my favorite
    after 2 back surgeries, no way I could work on that boat ~ even without the surgeries, I wouldn’t make it a day in that cold ~ and I grew up in VT where it is cold lol.
    it would be nice if y’all had jackets for the fans to buy ~ even if they were windbreakers ~ y’all would prob. sell a bunch of them.

    Anyhow ~ I hope everyone stays safe
    God Bless

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