Captains Phil Harris & Sig Hansen playing Xbox Deadliest Catch/Alaskan Storm

Well this is quite the sight! Watch the look on Phil and Sig’s faces as they sink the Cornelia Marie on the new Xbox game!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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5 Responses to Captains Phil Harris & Sig Hansen playing Xbox Deadliest Catch/Alaskan Storm

  1. Dawn says:

    Fun stuff. If it makes the Captains look like that, the fans should surely have a great time.

  2. Rebecca Brock says:

    So glad to see Phil up and about after his blood clot trauma. I grew up leisure fishing for speckled trout on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico here off Pensacola FL. I survived heart surgery 10 years ago in my mid twenties( died on the table ) but was thankfully revived. Phil, my prayers were with you and your family that you would make a speedy recovery and God saw to it, you did! Make sure to keep up a daily shot of Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil. My great uncle Charlie had a shot glass of it every morning and he lived to be 103. Smoked Lucky Strikes and drank a shot of whisky every evening. Who knows maybe it was those Norse genes.

    Take Care,

  3. April R LeBlanc says:

    O is”nt a stinker when one of your own sinks your vessel I would be a little mad but like he or she would say it is only a game It is not like it is happening in real life I don”t think that Capt sig Hansen of the Northwestern would really sink The Cornelia Marie on you do you I don”t think he is that type to do something like that If he was that type he would have to have alot of explaining to do to the coast”s

    well thank you for wishing me a Happy ThanksGiving
    I hope you had a Happy ThanksGiving too
    Love you

  4. Is Phil coming back to the show this season?

  5. Steven says:

    I fish of the gulf coast once in awhile with my uncle over here in Panama City, FL, im also an avid xbox 360 gamer, Ive tried to catch so many shows of deadliest catch, and the game is awesome, its not that big of a hit in the xbox community as a whole but for fans of deep sea fishing and the show, this is right up their alley, i love the game, i play it hours on end and i have alot of respect even more now for all of the captains and crewmembers of these crab boats, i already knew from watching the show that they put their lives on the line, and besides the show, the game puts you in the captains chair and shows you just how much these guys go through every season. it is truely awesome. And to all of the captains and crewmembers, i wish you a safe and productive trip everytime you guys go out there.

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