Cod Processor ‘Katmai’ lost at sea near Aleutian Islands

The Katmai motors toward the Ballard Locks in Seattle in this undated photo. The cod processor sank west of Adak Island in the Aleutians October 22, 2008. (Photo courtesy of Seattle Times)

In sad news related to fishing in the Bering sea, the processor boat Katmai went missing early Wednesday morning (24 hours ago) as it traveled along the Aleutian Islands near the intersecting point of the Bering Sea and Northern Pacific Ocean. (see map below)
Initially one survivor was rescued by the coast guard and since that time, three more have been rescued.  Five crewmen are confirmed dead, and two are still unaccounted for.  There were 11 onboard in all. Keep them in your thoughts….

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(map and chart courtesy of Anchorage Daily News)

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15 Responses to Cod Processor ‘Katmai’ lost at sea near Aleutian Islands

  1. Ron says:

    Capt Phil talks in depth about the Katmai sinking.

  2. Keri says:

    My boyfriend, Chris, is aboard the F/V Seabrooke, in Dutch Harbor. They’re Currently fishing for King Crab. I never miss an episode, and I have all 3 seasons on DVD. My deepest sympathy goes out to the Katmai Crew and their dearest familes. I have been praying ever since I heard the news Wednesday (@3:00pm PST). It breaks my heart, The average person may not realize, But all of these men are all True Heroes, They are doing the most Deadliest Job, most of these guys may not like it, but the pay is great, or some just couldnt imagine not fishing. They all have my utmost respect and again my warmest regards to these families of the Katmai, as well as the Bering Sea Fisherman. You are all my heroes…Phil, good luck with your health, I’m concerned about You, I can see You’re worried about your boys, You can trust them, they will make you proud, You take care of YOU… You will have many years of fishing. I’m already proud of them… May god bless each and everyone of You.

  3. liferalaskagirl says:
  4. alaska local says:
    omg what good is a mayday call then

    by Channel 2 News staff
    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The investigation into last week’s sinking of the fishing boat Katmai has uncovered a mayday call sent before the ship sank.

    The Kodiak Coast Guard station received the call 101 minutes before the radio signal that triggered the search for survivors.

    The Coast Guard has not confirmed that the call came from the Katmai. It was not heard by the watch stander in Kodiak and was not reported as being heard by anyone else.

  5. KENNETH DIAZ says:

    hi this kenneth diaz iwas on this boat 2trip last year im so lucky that i didnt go back on this boat was ganna go back but the money i make on this boat not much so dicided not to back ther, so sad that people that i know that ther dead

  6. KENNETH DIAZ says:

    iwas on katmai f/v

  7. cafearjun says:

    Where did you get this pic? Helpful for my project. Many thanks! With Katmai footage on Deadliest catch, this is a hot topic.

  8. Sij says:

    Great post. I wonder why Discovery chose this sinking over thousands we have every year?..I have been following this story but because of the news-hungry media-hounds who are now thronging each of the survivors.They are such parasites.

  9. Eric says:

    The Katmai was a cool ship even if u don’t see it on the show u can look it up on google. Type f/v katmai

  10. Lucky says:

    I just hope one day we will all be able to get the answers that we deserve. May the families of the Katmai pull through. And its unfortnate that what they said on these small video clips were not true.

  11. Melissa says:

    I have heard so many stories now about the Katmai. Its been 6 LONG MONTHS since a dear friend of mine died on that boat. Its not something anyone of us can move on from. Jake died at the young age of 22. And I believe the captain of that boat made the wrong call! He said in the investigations they had a meeting and decided to push through the storm…but another day says they didnt have a meeting it was his choice…why lie what was it…where is the truth Captain Henrey or Joe..whatever name you wanna go by! 7 men died in that boat and we all want to know the truth about what happened!
    Now the Deadlist Catch is back and are running Tuesdays episode about the Katmai…I honestly think its to soon. When the coast gaurd saw the black life raft they said they have never seen one like that before! There was no bottom how were they suppose to survive? Why did that boat pass inspection when it incountered nothing but problems before even making it out of port! Someone needs to be held accountable for the Deaths!

  12. Kat says:

    I am watching Deadliest Catch right now from Eastern North Carolina. Watching and hearing about any vessel encountering and suffering danger is heart braking. These are hard working men who sacrifice everything to do a job. Although I am glad to know there were men who lived, I am deeply saddened that there others who did not. My thoughts and prayers are with them. Bless you all.

  13. Dianna says:

    Blake, please see my post at:

    Grats on your new boat man it could not have happened to a better guy!


    Dianna Cotter

  14. windjourney says:

    My dear friend, Carlos, died in this tragedy. Not a day goes by that don’t think of him and all the men who were on this boat. My blessings to all of them and their families.

  15. John says:

    I agree with Lucky and Melissa. I firmly believe that Captain Joe Blake’s final decision needs to be further investigated and the families of those who were lost need to look further into his fishing and work background. At some point,the Captain needs to be held accountable and not protected. Equipment may fail, but someone was in charge of overseeing that equipment and the proper care of it. Someone had to make the decision to push through the storm. I don’t think those who miss their loved ones want to blame anyone, but want to see those responsible held accountable for their actions.

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