Discovery to update ‘Deadliest Catch’ blog!

In the past, Discovery’s blog ‘Inside the Catch’ let us in on some of the ‘inside’ goings on of ‘Deadliest Catch’ but now it appears they’ll be giving us monthly updates on what is happening up in Dutch Harbor and out at sea!  This month’s update is on new boats and Captain Phil.  Apparently we’ll be seeing a or some new fishing vessels in season 5 and we get a teaser on Phil Harris.

Just to let you know….According to the Cornelia Marie website, Capt. Phil did indeed head up to Dutch Harbor earlier this month, the question remains however…Is he fishing?  As for the boats?  Please read on and tune into Deadliest Reports later as we’ll have a new section for season 5 news and we’ll discuss the ‘talk on the docks’….

From Discovery:

The Boats Are Back!

Deadliestcatch5preaseson King crab season has begun! October 15 is the official start of this year’s season. The Northwestern, Time Bandit, Cornelia Marie and the Wizard are docked, stocked and ready to roll from Dutch Harbor for the fifth television season of Deadliest Catch. Look for new boats to join them on the big, bad Bering. (You’ll get more on them later.) Expect 16 episodes starting in April along with a new companion Web series, right here, to bring you another side of the Catch.

We know you want to know much more and we’ll be bringing you updates monthly until April 2009. So, stay tuned, bookmark this blog, share it on Facebook or Dig it; whatever you need to do to stay abreast of the latest Deadliest Catch news.

By the way, many of you have asked about Phil. He’s been meeting with his doctor for regular check-ups. Will he be back this season? You’ll have to wait and see….

What else are you looking forward to finding out this season? Post your comments below.

The Deadliest Catch Production Crew


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6 Responses to Discovery to update ‘Deadliest Catch’ blog!

  1. Victor says:

    Phil is back as Captain of the Cornelia Marie. I live and work in Dutch Harbor and he was at the helm when they left the harbor on the 15th to start the 2008 Red King Crab season. I saw him at the Harbon View Inn (Unisea Sports Bar) on the Saturday before season opened and he seems to be doing pretty good, but I don’t know the full details of his health, I didn’t think it was apporpriate to ask.

  2. olethalake says:

    just checked the weather cam….looks terribly cold and icky already out that way!

  3. liferalaskagirl says:

    But Capt. Harris was shown on a Seattle news interview today,Oct. 23rd 2008,so he cant be at sea,he is speaking about the vessel that sank yesterday,Katmai,
    also see
    for the latest,god bless the lost men,I had a friend whos husband worked on the Alaska Ranger,he chose to stay on shore ,he suspected a leaking problem for a while,it seems that the adjustable prop was at fault,I wonder if the Katmai had a adjustable pitch prop?

  4. n. harris says:

    looking forward to seeing some great safe fishing from the crew and awesome footage from the Discovery crew .

  5. Dawn says:

    I am so glad Captain Phil is better. He gave us a scare but he looks great and he is happy.

    That is all that is important.

    I love the show. I hope we have a few more years to enjoy new shows. Me, as a fan hopes the Captains decide not to retire too early. They are the show.

    Kudos to Opilio for the updates, the boat crews for making it interesting and us fans, cause we like good television.

    Deadliest Catch… Maybe a good title, definitely a Masterpiece of Adventure.

  6. mamawas says:

    Crab for Thanskgiving, Christmas and especially for New Year’s Eve.
    Thanks Disco for the awesome Thanksgiving crab ad

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