2008-2009 Bristol Bay Red King Crab Fleet & the countdown is on!

The October 15th Bristol Bay Red King Crab season is about to kick off and most fishing vessels are well on their way or already in Dutch Harbor preparing for their grueling work.  The “talk on the dock”–according to a Seattle, WA insider— is that Original Productions has many new cameramen on the scene this year as some ‘Deadliest Catch’ veteran cameramen are still tied up with ‘America’s Toughest Job’–currently airing on NBC.  And although there doesn’t seem to be a confirmed “boat list” for season 5, Original Productions/Discovery crews have already started preseason filming.  The Northwestern headed north on September 29th and is either at its destination or will be shortly, The North American was set to leave port a few days ago, the Cornelia Marie and Time Bandit were already up in Alaska, and the Wizard left some time ago.  The quota or Total Allowable Catch was announced a little over a week ago and the discussion for this season’s crab prices is currently taking place.  (See below for a list of all registered fishing vessels for this season).

Pre-season registration  was held by the State of Alaska Fish & Game recently, ending on September 24th, and the following fishing vessels are now currently registered for King Crab in the Bristol Bay region–which is where our familiar ‘Deadliest Catch’ fishermen catch their quota…

Note of interest:  Veteran ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans probably remember the Billikin and it’s skipper Jeff Weeks from season 1.  After that season, the Trident-owned vessel was docked for several years as its quota was apparently fished by other Trident vessels.  This year however, the Billikin is on the list of pre-registered vessels…So welcome back to the fleet!

Adventure                Alaska Challenger            Alaska Spirit
Alaskan Enterprise   Aleutian Beauty                Aleutian Lady
Aleutian Mariner       American Lady                 Arctic Fox
Arctic Hunter           Arctic Lady                       Arctic Sea
Arctic Mariner          Atlantico                          Autumn Dawn
Baranof                    Barbara J                           Bella K
Bering Sea                Bering Star                        Big Blue
Billikin                     Bountiful                           Brenna A
Bistol Mariner          BullDog                             Cape Caution
Cascade Mariner      Confidence                       Constellation
Controller Bay          Cornelia Marie                  Destination
Early Dawn               Farrar Sea                         Farwest Leader
Fierce Allegiance     Guardian                           Gulf Winds
Handler                    Incentive                          Island Mist
Jennifer A                 Kari Marie                         Karin Lynn
Katie K                      Keta                                 Kevleen K
Kiska Sea                 Kodiak                              Kustatan
Lady Aleutian           Lisa Marie                         Mark I
Maverick                  Melanie                             Mystery Bay
Nordic Mariner         North American                North Sea
Northern Spirit         Northwestern                   Nuka Island
Ocean Fury               Pacific Mariner                 Paragon
Pinnacle                   Polar Lady                        Polar Sea
Reliance                   Rollo                                Royal American
Royal Viking             Sandra Five                      Scandies Rose
SeaBrooke                Silver Dolphin                   Silver Spray
Southern Wind          Starward                          Stormbird
Sultan                      Time Bandit                      Valiant
Viekoda Bay             Viking Queen                    Vixen
Western Mariner       Westward Wind                 Wizard
Zone Five                 Provider                            Bering Hunter

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23 Responses to 2008-2009 Bristol Bay Red King Crab Fleet & the countdown is on!

  1. Ken says:

    What happened to the Erla-N?

  2. opilia says:

    Great point, Ken! I would say either she’s not fishing or just didnt participate in pre registration. I believe the boats can still get registered up until the last minute as well, so we’ll see soon enough.

  3. MC says:

    Thanks for your dedication to collecting all things “deadliest-catch” and posting them so all the fans can keep informed. Even though I live about as far from one ocean as one can get without being any closer to another ocean, and I prefer the rolling hills of Nebraska’s “sea of grass” to the rolling waves we see on the show, I am still a DC fan.

    A couple of the DC boats, Time Bandit and Cornelia Marie have brief updates on their websites, but none of the others mention any preparations.

    Do you know if any of the boats are planning to post regular updates, or even if DC will allow it?

    Yours will always be the first website I look at to see the latest news. Keep up the good work.

  4. joann says:

    In case anyone is interested, Sarah Palin watches DC faithfully. You go girl!

  5. Meghan says:

    I also notice that the Farwest Leader is on the list either. What happen to that boat as well.

  6. Neil says:

    I’m just wondering who is captaining the Maverick now. And what happend to the Western Viking.

    And has Deadliest Season & Job ever been televised in the uk.

  7. adam says:

    94 boats is a good few more than last year

    good to see

  8. Meghan says:

    Neil, I can tell you that the Western Viking is no long a fishing boat, it sold its rights, it use no as a savlage boat for Morgone Savlage. I saw the boat being used in an episode of History Channel “Tougher in Alaska” that was about savlage.

  9. Neil says:

    Thanks. Meghan can anyone answer about the deadliest season/job. And wot happened to Vince Shavnedar

  10. opilia says:

    Meghan, the Farwest Leader actually is on the list.

    Neil, I’m not sure about the televising of Deadliest Job and Deadliest Season. But Deadliest job is available on dvd from Discovery and Deadliest Season has yet to ever be released on dvd. That would be a great question to post directly to Discovery.

    Thanks for the compliment MC. I love this show!

  11. Neil says:

    Problem is opillia i’m in the Uk so its unlikey to be Region 2 or Region 0

  12. louis winkler says:

    i want to be a green horn i just want 1shot at a job on a crab boat i will work my ass off winklerlouis@yahoo.com

  13. Judy says:

    Hi Opillia! This is a new site for me. I am a die hard DC fan and am in withdrawls waiting for the 4th season to come out on DVD. Already ordered, just waiting for the release! You are doing a great job of organizing the data about DC with all the links and stuff.. Keeps me occupied when I want something “crabby”. Keep up the great work! Judy

  14. Jen says:

    YAYYYYY!!!!!! I love this time of year.
    Thanks for posting these, Opilia. You are so awesome.

  15. Neil says:

    The Northwestern this year has to have some sort of crab supervisor on. Any info

  16. justin says:

    does anybody know when the opilio season starts and ends

  17. john15065 says:

    my question is on the production side of things why is it in widescreen

  18. Anne says:

    Apparently Phil is not aboard the CM as he gave an interview with KIROtv in Seatlle concerning the tragedy of the Katmai.Condolences to the family & friends who lost loved ones.
    A question was posted about observers on fishing vessels; vessels selected to carry an observer are chosen from pre-season registration list.
    Season dates,regulations,quota licenses,ect can be found on website of Alaska Dept of Fish & Game
    Nice site Opilia-thanks

  19. off2fish says:

    Justin, it starts in January and will end when the quota is met. It has been as short as a month and as long as 3 maybe even 4 months.

  20. J bob says:

    I was just wondering what the crab quota for king crab this year was.

  21. capt andrew says:

    it was 13 something million lbs. close to the same as last year.

  22. Renan Bezerra says:

    In this time of year where the economy is going down.. Is crab fishing still a potential paying job as it used to be before economy’s crash? What has changed reguad to payroll in this economy?

  23. Jacquie O'Sullivan says:

    Does anyone know if the Lady Alaska is fishing this season, 2009. Didn’t see it listed in the preregistered boats.

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