Wanted Dead or Alive: Rogue’s Deadliest Ale

Rogues Deadliest Ale label

Rogue's 'Deadliest Ale' label

 Captain Sig’s Deadliest Ale from Rogue sounds interesting, doesn’t it?  Finding it though, may be like trying to track down crab pots lost under winter pack-ice, in the Bering sea…

Captain Sig himself, was seen hauling in a load of the elusive ‘deadliest’ brew, on to the Northwestern for a festive get-together during Seattle’s Sea Fair last month, but when fans contacted Rogue to get information about availability on the obvious collectible, the response was less then clear.  There apparently was a short run of the brute ale, but that was it.  There may also be more coming out but not now, maybe October…

So ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans, keep an eye out for ‘Deadliest Ale’ and give us a shout out here at Deadliest Reports if you spot what looks to be the perfect brew to serve up when watching ‘Deadliest Catch’ marathons this coming winter!

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20 Responses to Wanted Dead or Alive: Rogue’s Deadliest Ale

  1. manele says:

    Boy just like the lack of any appearances here by the crews I am sure we’ll
    probably never see this beer – boo hoo!

  2. Meghan says:

    Do you fine it strange that this is something that he talk about coming out, but it hasn’t, what about that new coffe line as well, where is that at? This yet another one of Sig’s promises that he broken for the fans. At Phil has kept his promises to the fans.

  3. opilia says:

    Hmmmm….I didnt realize Sig Hansen had ‘promised’ fans coffee and beer! Sorry you’re so upset about it. …Might I suggest ‘Budweiser’ as an alternative until you can get your hands on Rogue’s Deadliest Ale?

  4. Meghan says:

    First, Opilia, I don’t drink beer, but that not the point. The point is that he said on two national series, that they were coming out with a beer, but yet, he has fail to deliver. But, hey, in your mind he can do anything he wants and countine to tell fans that he has things coming out and never deliver. Oh, yeah, what about the deal with Trident Seafood for him to promote Alaska products, 2008 has almost four mouths left, I haven’t seen anything remotely close to these products.

  5. TS says:

    I was in Portland over Labor day weekend. We stopped by Rogue and they had just tapped the Deadliest Ale keg. They gave us some samples and explained that crab meat is actually involved in the brewing process somehow and it was pretty damn good. We were sitting outside and before we left Capt. Sig walked out of Rogue. My buddy introduced himself, shook his hand and Sig took off. He seems like an okay guy to me. I’m guessing he’s not used to being a reality tv celebrity.

  6. Wixson says:

    I was at the unvailing of this beer in Portland, OR. It is filtered through crab and tastes fantastic! I also shook Sig’s hand…it was a good day.

  7. why o why says:

    Trident is working a deal with Northwestern and currently meeting with various buyers.

  8. Meghan says:

    Oh, why o why, we have heard that before. Until I see it with my own eye or read it in a news article, I have to remaind spektical about the whole deal. Consider the fact that Sig or somebody speaking on his behalf told me via an email asking for documation of all of his catch staying in the US, and I quote here: “We don’t sell our catch directly to the market, we give it to the processor, and what they do it after where is totally up to them. ”

    So sorry, you tell me that there is a deal in the work, but until I see it I have to not to believe him.

  9. Georgia Girl says:

    Meghan – we all know that you don’t like Sig. The ale has been unveiled and it is my understanding will be more widely available in October. I have seen packages of the coffee. Had you listened to what Sig said he didnt say it was available he said it was in the works, which means they are still working on it. As far as Sig and Trident, it is not just Sig anyone who sells their crab to Trident has no control over where Trident distributes the product, once it is sold to Trident it is no longer Sig’s crab.

  10. Frieda says:

    I do not remember Phil talking about the Coffee until after it was available. I do know that it takes time to bring quality goods to market. I also wonder why Sig can do nothing to please Meghan. Just a thought.

  11. Meghan says:

    Okay, Georgia Girl, if it true about his crab, that he shouldn’t of say that all of his catch was saying in the US than being ship oversea in that press releash of his last Nov., if he didn’t know for a fact that it was staying in the US.

    Frieda, you want to know why he can do nothing to please me because he claims that all of this stuff is coming out, like a seafood, coffee, and beer, but of late it hasen’t happen. Also have you notice that in almost of his public apperances that he has, he is always and I mean ALWAYS wearing the same shirt! That bugs me.

  12. Frieda says:

    And that is different from the Time Bandit Boys wearing the Time Bandit black tees? Phil wearing the Cornelia Marie or Coffee tees? Newsflash: The denim shirt that Sig wears is available to all on the Helly Hansen Northwestern site and fear not, Sig has more than one! It is about having a brand, being proud of the product and promoting that brand.

  13. smiley16 says:

    well well this is an interesting thing to stumble into. Well, where to begin, as a person with experience in marketing it is always good to advertise your product even if it hasn’t hit store shelves yet. Yeah, it may be annoying to have to hear about it then to sit there and wait but sometimes the waiting is half the battle because once the product comes out who”s to say that your even going to like it. Yeah OK in your mind your excited to try it and that can be hard. I know that the Deadliest ale is out now and my mom should be bringing me some as we speak. I am so excited and i just cant wait to try it, but sometimes you got to because in my case organ is at least a three hour drive. As far as the coffee goes i am not to sure, but i think they are doing some miner adjustments because you know those Hansen boys want to keep there fans happy with quality product. For example teaming up with Hally Hansen not only is it a reliable company that has truly been around for years the word “Hansen”, what a great fit. You can think about it this way … can’t speak for the Hansen boys but Sig always say the Norwegian way is coffee, cigarettes, and chocolate on the boat so before you know it i am sure there will be some chocolaty goodness.

  14. Team Splashi says:

    Love this brew.
    Make sure to get some asap and your mouth will never be the same.


  15. Fate in the Lone Star State says:

    For thirsty fans in Texas, where might we be able to purchase this ale?

  16. opilia says:

    I’ll post about availibility shortly. Thanks

  17. David Hawron says:

    We have deadliest ale on tap at our bar in Kent WA. The central ave pub. 1404 S Central ave Kent wa (253)520-7749
    It is an amazing beer. My wife and I both know Sig from various events in Seattle. Stop by the pub and have a pint

  18. Mickey Lane says:

    I am currently selling Deadliest Ale on my website Liquid Gratitude.Com.(http://www.liquidgratitude.com/)

    Be sure to check my shipping policy page to see if I can ship to your state.


  19. Deano says:

    I found Deadliest Ale at TOP Food in central Tacoma, WA. I believe it was 5.49 a bottle. They were on a end cap in the wine area. It was an open case sitting of 5 or 6 other cases. I guess that’s cheap advertising. that was about a week ago. Maybe that helps. I haven’t drank it yet. Just bought it for a keeps sake.

  20. BebeZed says:

    I’m sitting here typing this, sipping my Deadliest Ale, which I found at the Woodinville (WA) Safeway. It was $5.99/bottle and the bottle is a keeper 🙂 The ale is good — a bit bitter for my taste but entirely drinkable… it would be especially good with beef.

    So yes, I got hooked by the Deadliest Catch tie-in… my fave show! I had to have the bottle as a collectible…

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