Sig Hansen, the F/V Northwestern, & SeaFair in Seattle, Washington

 Throughout most of July and into August, a month long celebration took place in Seattle, Washington that’s simply called ‘SeaFair’.  ‘Deadliest Catch’ may want to know that it was pretty ‘deadly’ there this year, with sightings made of familiar faces such as the Hansens of the Northwestern, the F/V Wizard herself, Captain Larry Hendricks, his crew, and the Sea Star, and a few others to boot.  But none were so visible as Sig Hansen and the F/V Northwestern, as you can clearly see below…

SeaFair is a traditional celebration that’s been held in Seattle for over a half century.  To put it in their own words…  It’s Seattle’s traditional summer festival. A month-long, region-wide barbecue, that brings an entire community together in celebration. For 58 years Seafair has been about community events, parades, Miss Seafair, the Navy and Coast Guard, amateur athletics, airplanes and of course, boat racing. But most of all, Seafair has been about people and it continues to be. 

Plans and details for Seafair 2009 are already in the works with some dates set in place.  If you’re a fan of ‘Deadliest Catch’ or a lover of the sea, fairs, parades, and fun…You may want to consider Seattle as a destination point for the summer of 2009!

The Torchlight Parade, sponsored by Southwest Airlines proclaimed Sig Hansen of the f/V Northwestern as its Grand Marshall!  Viewed by over 300,000 people, the parade started approximately at 7:30pm on July 26th, extended over 2 1/2 miles, and provided entertainment for a good two hours! (photo courtesy of bkraai2003)

Sig Hansen as Grand Marshall waves to the crowds from his perch on a bright red corvette.  Sea Fair actually started earlier in July when local ‘pirates’, along with Capt Sig Hansen, stormed the Seattle beaches to pillage and take over the city…(photo courtesy of bkraai2003)

The Hansens, Capt. Sig & his wife, June, in the Torchlight Parade.(photo courtesy of bkraai2003)

This is the Southwest Airlines float.  The Northwestern crew was stationed aboard it for the parade.  Southwest Airlines is the sponsor of the SeaFair Torchlight parade which boasted over 110 entries. (Deadliest Reports photo)

Edgar, Matt, Jake, and Norman of the F/V Northwestern in the Torchlight Parade. (Deadliest Reports photo)

Not only did parade attendees snap pics of the Northwestern crew, the crew in turn, snapped photos of parade fans! (Deadliest Reports photo)

During the Sea Fair extravaganza, Sig Hansen pulled some 7.2 g’s when he flew with the Blue Angels and it was filmed for our viewing pleasure by kiro tv.  (Photo courtesy of Kiro tv).

Sig Hansen wasn’t the only star of Sea Fair…The F/V Northwestern herself, all decked out, received a VIP platform at the tail end of the festivities!  Family and guests were treated to a summer bash aboard her and soon after, Sig Hansen and the Northwestern granted a young boy’s wish through the Make a Wish Foundation by appointing him ‘honorary’ skipper for the day, and what a day it was for everyone! (photo courtesy of Paul and Teresa Villa on flickr)

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