Corey Arnold Photography at the Ocean Institute

image and info courtesy of the Ocean Institute

Photographer and fisherman Corey Arnold continues to keep busy with both of his fulltime careers.  Although we haven’t been able to keep with him and the rest of the crew of the F/V Rollo for the last couple of seasons, they’re definitely out there hauling in King and Opilio crab.  The great thing about Corey Arnold though, is that we can certainly keep up with his other work through his own site and other websites such as the Oceanic Institute’s post below…



Corey Arnold

September 18th, 2008 – The Ocean Institute proudly announces the third Artist by the Sea lecture to be held at the Ocean Institute’s Samueli Center.

Join us Thursday, September 18th at 7pm for a fun and illuminating evening with a worldwide recognized photographer and “Deadliest Catch” documentary veteran.

Corey Arnold is a photographer recognized worldwide for his iconic pictures of crab fishing in Alaska. He is also a crab fisherman himself, and has worked seasonally as a deckhand in Alaska since 1995. You may have seen him working aboard the F/V Rollo on Discovery Channel’s hit documentary series “Deadliest Catch”. He has also spent many years in Norway documenting the fishermen and whalers of the Barents Sea. A young photographer, at age 32 Corey has quickly made a name for himself in the contemporary photography world. His work has been shown in leading galleries in Los Angeles and New York City and featured in The New Yorker, Outside Magazine, Fortune, Juxtapoz, Rolling Stone and major promotional campaigns for the Discovery Channel.

Click here to listen to a narrated slide
show on NPR.

More information from the Ocean Insitute after the jump

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3 Responses to Corey Arnold Photography at the Ocean Institute

  1. Joey says:

    Howdy Gang Just thought I’d chime in with a post from Gloucester.

    Here is Major League Soccer Referee CJ Morgante in town to ref the New England Revolution/DC United match at Foxboro donning an After The Catch Shirt From Prattys. The location where After The Catch was filmed with The Hillstrands, Phil Harris, Sig, and the Skipper’s from Gloucester-

    Here are a bunch of posts about his adventures as back man on three different boats in three different days including video-

  2. Jen says:

    I love Corey’s work. He’s brilliant.

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