Summertime is Repair-time for ‘Deadliest Catch’ vessels

 For those of us in the U.S., it’s going to be a fairly long haul til we see season 5 of ‘Deadliest Catch’ and for international fans who are currently watching season 4…Enjoy!  While the skippers and crews spend their summer touring, meeting fans, and taking care of business, the fishing vessels that we look forward to seeing in ‘Deadliest Catch’, just as much as anything else, are getting maintenanced, repaired, and in some cases completely revamped.

F/V Northwestern with stern pulled over land for repairs.

F/V Northwestern

 The F/V Northwestern had quite a bit of changes this summer that you may be interested in.  Not only was she drydocked earlier this spring to get worked on, she is now also sporting a brand new deck.  There was other work done to her as well but lack of mechanical verbiage on my part prevents me from being able to explain it.

F/V Northwestern. Crab holds are open and a new deck is partially down.

Seen here are the infamous crabholds, open and empty.  An unusual sight, isn’t it? 


F/V Northwestern with a brand new deck.

 The photo of the Northwestern’s brand new deck and the F/V Wizard are courtesy of ‘Deadliest Catch’ fan bkraai2003.  Check out more of his ‘Deadliest Catch’ related pics on flickr!) 

F/V Wizard in drydock. (photo courtesy of fan bkraai2003).

 Just recently, the F/V Wizard was also brought out of the water for repairs.

F/V Cornelia Marie in Ketchikan where she was also recently spotted in dry-dock getting work done, although she’s in the water here.

The Cornelia Marie spends her off time in Alaska, but word is she also is being worked on.  (F/V Cornelia Marie photo is courtesy of fan Danica who was generous enough to send it in.)

The F/V Timebandit (not pictured here) spent much of the spring of this year in drydock and now has a brand new updated look!


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