Capt. Phil Out and About…

According to the Cornelia Marie website, Captain Phil made a few appearances earlier last week and it looks like he’ll be doing a radio interview early in the morning, tomorrow.  For ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans on the west coast, check out Captain Phil on the Pat & Tom Morning Show on Sacramento’s 105.1 knci.  Just follow the link and press the ‘listen now’ button tomorrow morning to hear that raspy voice we’ve come to know so well!



Tomorrow morning at 8:10… we’ll be talking to Captain Phil from “Deadliest Catch”!!!!

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9 Responses to Capt. Phil Out and About…

  1. Sara says:

    I met Phil at one of his Gig Harbor, WA appearances. What a friendly guy!

  2. Dawn says:

    I hope you are getting better every day. If you aren’t 100% per the doctor, we as fans expect you to take care of #1…in this case YOU.

    Murray and your sons can start the year out for you..
    Opilio, please pass this on to Phil. We can be assertive just like Josh…

  3. Jillian says:

    Capt. Phil signed my cast at the Tides Restaurant Sat., Aug 2 in Gig Harbor. My cousins got a lot of pictures of him signing my leg cast and so it has been fun. Makes for a great family story!
    Thanks Phil!

  4. deana says:

    phill….i love watching the show…you are my fav…i do hope you are feeling a little better…give it time and you will be like yourself again…i am a nurse and what you were fighting was tremendous…odds were against you, so stick in and take your meds and spend your down time taking care of yourself so you can get back to your passion of fishing for crab. deana from pa

  5. mike says:

    Hey Phil,
    When are you coming back? We miss you!!

  6. Donna says:

    Phil I hope you are getting better and can come back home to deadliest catch soon. I really miss seeing you. If you are not well enough to come back right now, I hope they will have you on the show some so we can see how you are doing. All you guys feel like one big family. And that is what I like about it. So take care and come home soon. MISS YA !

  7. Jackie says:

    Phil…Hope you are feeling well and getting better every day. Miss you on Deadliest, but your health is far more important…Take care

  8. brandon says:

    phil is totally badass. what makes him even more of a bad ass is that he manned up and went to a hopsital in the nick of time. feel better brah!

  9. Jane Castro says:

    So happy to know you are out and about, but take care of yourself! You are #1 in my book, and the boat can do without you for awhile, you have to think about your family and how much you mean to them. The boat will be there when the doctor says it ok to go back to work. Ride your Harley and enjoy life for awhile

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