Fishermen’s Memorial, Seattle, Washington

After blogging about ‘Deadliest Catch’ for the last few year, ‘Deadliest Reports finally went on the road and headed west to where so many of the fishermen we’ve come to know, seem to hail from–Seattle, Washington.

July & August aren’t only the ‘dog days’ of summer in the U.S., they also happen to be the months that Sea Fair takes place, in Seattle that is…And there was plenty of ‘Deadliest’ action that took place there in the last couple of weeks!  But more on that later…

Are you familiar with the Fishermen’s Memorial that’s located at Fishermen’s Terminal?  As you can imagine, the memorial holds a special meaning to fishermen and their families as it’s a tribute to those who’ve been lost.  The Fishermen’s Memorial website explains it very well.  And even though so many of us ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans aren’t fishermen who risk their lives on a daily basis, we can none the less appreciate something that is very near and dear to the fishermen we so admire…
Fishermans Memorial.  Seattle, Washington

Fishermen's Memorial. Seattle, Washington

The base of the Fishermans Memorial at Fishermans Terminal in Seattle, Washington.

The base of the Fishermen's Memorial at Fishermen's Terminal in Seattle, Washington.


Someone had placed a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the base of the memorial.

Someone had placed a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the base of the memorial.

Fishermans Memorial dedication

Fishermen's Memorial dedication

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4 Responses to Fishermen’s Memorial, Seattle, Washington

  1. Jen says:

    What beautiful pictures Opilia!!! Glad you made it out there.

  2. Dawn says:

    Opilio, Thanks for the pictures and the memories we seem to all share now. Appreciating you every day!

  3. tom palmeri says:

    did anyone now paul fonzi who was lost at sea in 1982 on the f/v lady ann.please contact me.i was his nephew. we all miss him.

  4. 12-31-08

    We,still think of you all.esp. Esp. our Son Calvin J. Paniptchuk
    Give us a call some time or email.

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