Doug Stanley’s Production Diary 06/24/08

Doug Stanley, who filmed aboard the F/V North American  for season 4 has just published another post on his production diary.  This last week, he offers to give Captain Sten plenty of tips and fishing secrets that he’s gleaned from other featured skippers he’s filmed before but the North American skipper declines the offer as he is already on the crab…the Opilio crab!  The crew is tired from hauling loaded pots and Captain Sten is thinking that if the fishing remains this good, he can just keep re-setting the pots in the same spot for the whole season!  Needless to say, greenhorn D-bo is pooped and Doug Stanley doesn’t believe he’s ever seen a skipper reset pots all season in the same spot.  Check it out…

Fishing Strategies   by Doug Stanley

While we were fishing this morning, I was joking with Capt. Sten.  I explained that since I have fished with many of the famous captains of the Bering Sea, I could act as his consultant and offer him some fishing advice.  He looked at me sideways and cocked one eyebrow.   I continued, “If you want to fish king crab like Johnathan Hillstrand, I’ll show you where to throw down a horseshoe-shaped string.  If you want to fish late opies like Sig, I’ll take you to a set of canyon terraces that can help you mop up after the grounds have been picked over.”  He began to laugh as I went on “Or … if you want, we could do a thread-the-needle on a strip of sand between a couple of rocks just east of St. Paul — like Ricky on the Maverick!”  We were both roaring with laughter as he rose from the captain’s seat and headed out to run the crane… 

 Theres More after the JUMP!

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