Capt Phil stops visits Morgan Hill, California

Capt Phil Harris recently stopped in at Poppy’s Fish, Poultry, & more in Northern California!  Over 500 locals showed up to chat and pose for pics with the Cornelia Marie Skipper!

capt phil at poppy\'s
Capt. Phil Harris, left, visited fellow fisherman Michael Castelan at his fish market in downtown Morgan Hill Friday night.  (photo courtesy of Morgan Hill Times)

Marilyn Dubil writes…Piloting the crab boat “Cornelia Marie” through the troubled waters of the Bering Sea may be less hazardous than wading through the waves of fans that showed up Friday night to meet Capt. Phil Harris of the Discovery Channel’s popular reality show “Deadliest Catch” at Poppy’s Fish, Poultry & More.

More than 500 Morgan Hill residents and outsiders visited the downtown market to meet and have their picture taken with the crusty commercial fisherman, known for his easy-going manner…

Link for more

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3 Responses to Capt Phil stops visits Morgan Hill, California

  1. faust says:

    why do we only hear about stuff after it happens?? i would have gone!! this rss feed sucks.

  2. Sarah says:

    I agree. I definitely would have gone too. I want to know more about his health and what the next steps are for him.

  3. Jen says:

    Well, Opilia lists upcoming events on another page.

    It’s awesome to see him and he’s been so cool on “After The Catch”.

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