Summer Makeovers for ‘Deadliest Catch’ Boats!

While we’re all watching season 4 of ‘Deadliest Catch’ play out, several of the featured skippers have been busy taking care of business–boat business–while at the same time, attending events, meeting fans, and traveling around the country!  A couple of the fishing vessels going through major repairs and changes are the F/V Time Bandit and the F/V Northwestern.  Actually, the Time Bandit’s work is completed.  According to the Hillstrand’s website, the Time Bandit had a complete overhaul, headed back up to Homer, Alaska, and is now out at sea for salmon tendering.  For a look at the new and improved Time Bandit, check out the pics on their website!  She’s now decked out with a large skull & crossbones on the bow, along with a large set of killer teeth below the bow!  The Northwestern looks to be undergoing heavy duty changes as this is written…

Thanks to fan and avid photographer Daniel Brunner who recently toured the Northwestern, we’re getting a glimpse of the work that’s taking place.  Last year the Northwestern received a completely new paint job, to the extent that it hadn’t received in 30 years.

Sig Hansen standing on the deck of the F/V Northwestern. (photo courtesy of Daniel Brunner)

As you can see, the Northwestern is ‘deckless’ at this stage.  Later in July, Sig Hansen will be seen in downtown Seattle as the Grand Marshall of the 2008 Sea Fair Torchlight Parade.  Word is, the F/V Northwestern will have VIP status in the event and will be featured as well.  Great time to visit Washington!

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2 Responses to Summer Makeovers for ‘Deadliest Catch’ Boats!

  1. chris says:

    far out sig wish i could get to seattle to watch the parade but alas i don’t leave home anymore wish i could i would wave to you

  2. martin severin says:


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