Gloucester’s connections to ‘Deadliest Catch’

In the Local News section of The Gloucester Daily Times, there was some interesting tidbits of information on ‘Deadliest Catch’ and how its stars are connected in one way or another, to the east coast–Gloucester in particular…

‘Catch’ Connections

Several of “The Deadliest Catch” cast members already had Gloucester connections before coming here in early June to film this year’s “After the Catch II” special at Pratty’s CAV.

Jonathan Hillstrand, cocaptain and owner of the crabber Time Bandit, fished out of Gloucester aboard the deep-sea red crabber Hannah Boden.

In addition, the distant ancestors of show host Mike Rowe, who resides in Baltimore and is on the road about 300 days out of the year, lived in Gloucester and had Rowe Square named after them.

Lastly, Capt. Sten Skaar‘s family came to Gloucester in the late 1970s and purchased the Parisi family’s 109-foot combination seiner/dragger LaRegina. The Skaars briefly worked the all-white steel vessel as a West Coast crabber before it sank, most likely after an up-coming 700-foot crab trap hit and ruptured external piping. Sten Skaar skippers and co-owns the crabber North American today.

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