F/V Northwestern & crew Youtube tribute

Someone did a fairly bang-up job of putting together a tribute to the Hansens & crew of the F/V Northwestern, on youtube.  It looks to be a compiliation of clips from seasons 1, 2, & 3, and it’s set to Billy Joel music.  Kudos to Gate11au, an international ‘Deadliest Catch’ fan from the looks of it!

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6 Responses to F/V Northwestern & crew Youtube tribute

  1. Braulio Campos Pimenta says:

    Ola capitão Sig, não seu se essa menssagen chegara ao seu conhecimento, queria que soubesse que sou seu fã assisto todos os programas e sempre torço para que você ganhe a competição dos pescadores, meu sonho era poder conhece-lo pessoalmente. sou Brasileiro moro na capital Brasilia tenho 41 anos sou casado tenho duas filha a Elisa de 21 anos e a Mayza de 13 anos minha esposa Marta tem 40 anos somos uma familia feliz. capitão sig queria pedir um presente do senhor: um jaqueta do seu barcoiria desfilar com ela aqui em brasilia, se puder capitão atender meu pedido seria maravilhoso.
    vou me despedir desejando boa sorte pra você sua familia e pra toda sua tripulação.desde já afradeço

  2. Braulio Campos Pimenta says:

    Hello captain Sig, if not its menssagen that come to his knowledge, I know that I am your fan and watch all the programs you always torço to win the competition for fishermen, my dream was to know him personally. I live in the Brazilian capital Brasilia I’m 41 years have two married the daughter Elisa, 21 years and Mayza, 13 years my wife Marta has 40 years we are one happy family. sig captain wanted to ask a gift of Lord: a jacket of his barcoiria parading with it here in brasilia, if you can master answer my request would be wonderful.
    I will dismiss me wishing good luck to you and your family get all their tripulação.desde already afradeço

  3. joe says:

    northwestern rock

  4. Onofre Martins says:

    Olá capitão Sig, sou brasileiro e moro em Manaus-Amazonas-Br. sou amante do nautimodelismo, e gostaria muito de ter a planta do F/V northwestern, para poder construir um modelo radio controlado.
    Caso não tenha, gostaria de informações onde conseguir de outro barco, mas tem de ser desses que participam da pescaria do King crab.
    Muito obrigado.

  5. April Pelkey says:

    The Northwestern is a beautiful boat, and I’m glad to be able to have known the Hanson’s father. I was born and raised in the small village of Akutan, 36 miles NE from Dutch Harbor.
    I write a blog and post to it everyday. It’s not always about fishing or anything too special, but I figured I’d let people know. I have some pix of the boat posted and my hubby also makes model boats. He’s finishing up his Northwestern model, small details and a paint job and we’ll have pix posted!
    Much luv to all DC fans,
    April Pelkey

  6. Bobwire says:

    Hello from “GRAVEL SWITCH, KY” you guys rock Be careful hope you have a safe season…Love the show can;t wait till April….

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