Advice for Greenhorns from ‘Deadliest Catch’ Skippers

This is a good one!  For all of you ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans who’ve thought about perhaps becoming a crab fisherman youselves…Here’s a little advise and a few tips from the featured skippers of ‘Deadliest Catch’.  And the ironic part is that it’s so obvious and logical that this is what a greenhorn should do yet time and time again we’ve seen different on the show.  And that’s what makes ‘Deadliest Catch’ so great, it’s a part of real life, and we get to see it all unfold!  The information comes from Discovery’s Deadliest Catch Wiki, check it out some time.  There’s alot of interesting info over there!

Top 3 Words of Advice for a Greenhorn

Phil of the Cornelia Marie

  • Do what you are told and ask questions after
  • Don’t act like you know what you are doing
  • And pay attention to what people are trying to teach you
  • Andy of the Time Bandit

  • Know your role
  • And shut your hole
  • Work your butt off and don’t complain
  • Johnathan of the Time Bandit

  • Shut the f*** up
  • Work your a** off
  • No cry babies
  • Sig of the Northwestern

    Same advise my dad gave me…

  • Keep your mouth shut and do as your told…
  • Forget anything you think you know, because our boat works OUR way…
  • Leave your brains and your ego at the dock… [we will rebuild at sea]
  • Keith of the Wizard

    Never Let Up!


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    3 Responses to Advice for Greenhorns from ‘Deadliest Catch’ Skippers

    1. Mike Thompson says:

      i was born in jersey, grew up in canada, moved to minnesota where my father taught me how to fish, usually on ice. Shortly after his death, my mother moved me to utah. three years after i moved to this hell hole i was diagnosed with hodgkens which i am a five year survivor of. i need something else to challenge me, cancer couldn’t beat me! this is all true, i have all the records to prove it, I just need to get out of dodge, bottom line, i want to be a green horn, i can be reached at 801-419-2519

    2. mike glover says:

      I’m 28 from the united kingdom, i have been interested in becoming a green horn for some years but have been in the british army for the last 6 now is my chance to fullfil my dream.
      I am hoping to be given the chance to get the hell out of the uk and work at sea, im tough and work till i drop,
      and can a working visa very easy.
      you can contact me by email at


    3. john lyons says:

      was in the navy for fve yrs, lived in alaska for many years and always wanted to be on one of the boats and feel like part of a crew again

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