Keeping up with Sig Hansen

He’s a really busy fisherman!  This week, Sig & Edgar Hansen will be at the Redmond, WA Town Center Gamestop Wednesday night to celebrate the launch of their new Xbox 360 game which is currently shipping out to retailers this week!  If you’re in the area, it’ll be from 6-8pm at 16475 NE 74th Street.  Sig and Edgar will be on hand for photos and autographs, as they celebrate the launch of their first game and an Xbox 360 exclusive. 

Earlier in the week, Sig & Edgar Hansen were photographed in what looks to be a promotion for Xbox game Deadliest Catch-Alaskan Storm.  (Photo courtesy of Daniel Brunner, check out his pics!)

And that’s not all.  There’s more!  A couple of weeks ago, Sig Hansen was involved in a fund raiser with country singer Toby Keith… 

 The fifth annual Toby Keith & Friends Celebrity Golf Classic raised a record-setting $709,000 for Ally’s House, a local nonprofit that helps children with cancer and their families. The total bested last year’s $500,000, pushing the 5-year total past $2.3 million.

“I knew we could make a difference with Ally’s House, but it really is even bigger than I’d hoped,” Keith said. “We’ve helped a ton of families…and we’re proud that we have never had to turn away an Oklahoma family that needs help.”

As in past years, many participants went home with some one-of-a-kind events on their calendars. The June 6-7 gathering brought 750 celebrities and guests together for golfing, music and a silent auction. Top auction items this year included dinner with Keith with 2 selling for $35,000 each. A Deadliest Catch package brought $27,500 for a chance to ride with Captain Sig and the Northwestern crew from the hit Discovery Channel crab fishing series.

Link for charity event

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6 Responses to Keeping up with Sig Hansen

  1. Joey says:

    Pic of the Deck of The Sea Farmer II which will be featured tonight on After The Catch

  2. Ross says:

    Since when was Alaskan storm going to be an Xbox360 exclusive? I thought it was going to be available on the PC too.

  3. opilia says:

    Ross–It’s exclusively an Xbox game for the time being. The PC version is delayed for several weeks. Right now the ETA is 06/26/08 for the PC version. I’m waiting for that one myself!

  4. bbsak says:

    Who’s driving the Northwestern when Sig and Edgar are making appearances?

  5. Marguerite says:

    She’s in dry dock or gettiing repairs

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