The ‘Deadliest Catch’ skippers in Gloucester

According to this article by, the skippers have been to Gloucester and are done with filming After the Catch for the most part.  It must have been some intense filming!    It will interesting to see the combination of Bering sea verses Atlantic Ocean fishermen….

Gloucester reels in ‘Deadliest Catch’

By Stephanie Silverstein

When fans of the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” and “After the Catch” television shows tune in later this month, they’ll see and hear the stories of what it’s like to be a Gloucester fishermen from the men themselves.

The cast of “Deadliest Catch” was in town this week to film “After the Catch,” a one-hour show that airs after “Deadliest Catch” and features the fishermen discussing topics that pertain to their jobs. Executive Producer Paul Gasek chose to film in Gloucester because it’s America’s oldest fishing port, and one that he knew from his time as a fisherman in Chatham, on the “other Cape.”

(photo courtesy of Mark Teiwes) Sig Hansen at a PTO fundraiser at the Gloucester House.

The Gloucester footage will span over five one-hour episodes of “After the Catch,” aired weekly beginning Tuesday, June 17 at 10 p.m.

“It’s going to be an East-meets-West theme, sort of. We found a half a dozen Gloucester men and we’re going to shoot some footage with them on board a boat or two. We’re certainly going to shoot our guys in Gloucester,” Gasek said.

Mike Rowe, who narrates “Deadliest Catch” and hosts the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” will host the show. He also hosted “After the Catch” last year when it was filmed in Seattle.

“It seemed silly to go all the way to Gloucester and not bring in some of their Eastern brethren, or colleagues,” Gasek said. “They may fish for different things, but there’s a lot of common experience.”

He said the topics they will discuss on the show might include boats, fishing regulations, the weather’s impact on the job and the life of a fisherman.

 “We’re going to tap that sort of common experience. I’m sort of hoping for a little competitive story telling,” Gasek said.

The Gloucester fishermen chosen to be filmed include Capt. Tom Turner of the Captain Jake, Capt. Clark Sandler of the Seafarmer II, Capt. Russell Sherman of the Lady Jane, deckhand Jim Gallagher of the Endeavour, and Capt. Billy Aaron, who is no longer fishing for a living.

On the show, the Gloucester fishermen will be seated at a table at Pratty’s CAV, where they will have a roundtable discussion with the cast of the “Deadliest Catch” including Capt. Sig Hansen, Capt. Phil Harris, Capt. Johnathan Hillstrand, Capt. Andy Hillstrand, Capt. Keith Colburn and some of the crew on their boats.

 Gasek said, “I’m figuring that these guys from Gloucester are going to sit at the table with their fishermen colleagues from the West Coast.”

Sherman said the filming was a positive experience for him, and that the fishermen as well as the production crew were easy to talk to and work with.

“You sit down with all these fellas that are complete strangers, but actually I felt a kindred bond with them right away. They’re fishermen, and we all speak the same language,” Sherman said.

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2 Responses to The ‘Deadliest Catch’ skippers in Gloucester

  1. Jen says:

    Awesome to get those two great traditions together. I can’t wait to hear what that was like.

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