Who Would the ‘Deadliest Catch’ skippers like to fish with?


Have you ever check out Discovery’s Deadliest Catch Wiki?  If you have, you know then, that when you join there’s a personal profile to fill out and few ‘Deadliest Catch’ questions to answer such as Who’s your favorite skipper?, What are your favorite quotes?, Name three people you’d love to go fishing with, etc…  And anyways, Discovery has now gone to the featured skippers we’ve come to know and asked them to name the top three people they’d like to fish with.  Here’s what they had to say:

Phil of the Cornelia Marie

  1. My father Grant Harris
  2. NASCAR Driver Greg Biffle
  3. Al Pacino

Andy of the Time Bandit

  1. Mel Gibson
  2. Kevin James
  3. Mike Meyers
  4. George Lopez

Johnathan of the Time Bandit

  1. John Paul Jones (America’s first well-known naval hero who uttered the phrase “I have not yet begun to fight”)
  2. Playboy Playmates
  3. More Playboy Playmates

Sig of the Northwestern

  1. My Grandfather: He was always my biggest inspiration.
  2. My Father: Looking back, I didn’t get to fish with him as much as I would have liked…
  3. Maybe George Clooney. I think we could help him hone in on some acting skills as a captain … [ just kidding, George ]

Keith of the Wizard

  1. Einstein: I’m guessing he could help modify and increase efficiencies on board. And, if anyone could project thermo-clines, current velocities at different depths and the effects of barometric pressure on crab, he’s the guy.
  2. Sun Tzu: One of the greatest military strategists the world has know. It’s obvious what I’m after here.
  3. Babe Ruth: Great arm for throwing the hook, great with kids and I’m guessing we would have a lot of fun in town between trips.
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5 Responses to Who Would the ‘Deadliest Catch’ skippers like to fish with?

  1. flash says:

    looks like keith has a brain, art of war vs playboy playmates…humm

  2. Dawn says:

    I see some of the Captains have become narrow minded.

    Who I would love to fish with?
    Andy Hillstrand
    Jeff Dunham (it would be like 6 people then)
    and Bill Engvall

    If nothing else, I would catch a good laugh
    Sorry Johnathan, Andy is my top pick for Captain.
    You are becoming too Hollywood for this old lady.
    Thanks to all the Captains for another great season.

  3. Jen says:

    Jonathan cracks me up. Something tells me any playboy playmates would get ignored if they don’t grind bait. That’s clearly a bit of a joke.
    I love Andy. He IS my favorite captain.

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