‘After The Catch’ to debut June 17th!

Last year we were introduced by Mike Rowe to all of the featured skippers and other legendary figures from Alaska crabbing history, at the Lockspot in Seattle, Washington.  This year ‘After the Catch’ takes place on the east coast in Gloucester, where we’ll get to meet up again with our favorite fishermen as they tell new stories and intermingle with well known Atlantic fishermen!  Discovery has posted the first two episodes and they’re coming right up!
June 24th
After the Catch

The captains and crews share their take on family, traditions, and a passion for fishing. They admit to rivalries and jealousies between blood brothers and to the love and respect that keeps them working side by side

June 17th
After the Catch

Revisit the legendary moments from season four of Deadliest Catch and hear some new tales from the captains, their Gloucester comrades, author Spike Walker, and one of Catch’s legendary cameramen.



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8 Responses to ‘After The Catch’ to debut June 17th!

  1. EvilStealth64 says:

    thanks for posting all this info!

  2. Joey says:

    I’ve got a couple photos of the Hillstrands that I’ll be posting this morning.

    The Boys were at the Crows Nest yesterday.

  3. Dawn says:

    Yea! I hope the shows are as good and layed back as last year.

    Mike, beware of prankers……LOL

  4. Mo Pain says:

    Does anyone know where and when the captains will be meeting in Gloucester for the After the Catch special?

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