Xbox, Coffee, and Beer in the works for the Hansens…

You may have already heard plenty about the Xbox 360 Deadliest Catch game soon coming out in June with a pc version as well, but did you know that Sig, Edgar, and Norman Hansen of the Northwestern also have their own line of coffee in the works, and beer as well?  Mike Ferreri, of Komo tv news recently spoke with Sig Hansen and reports details on the projects….

SEATTLE — Bering Sea crab fishermen are riding a wave of popularity with the success of the Discovery Channel’s hit show “Deadliest Catch.”

One crew from Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood is converting its new-found fame into all sorts of business possibilities.

Members of the Hansen family have been braving the dangerous Bering Sea and crab fishing for decades. Now, thanks to reality TV, they’ve turned a deadly job into their luckiest catch.

In an occupation where half the luck is finding the crab and the other half is living to tell about it, Sig Hansen and his crew have been one of the best.

“It’s like a gamble. Fishing is a gamble,” said Hansen. “If you don’t like it, get the hell off.”

With another crab season behind them, the captain and his crew are back in Ballard for the summer.

“We’ve got a good team ,good guys. That’s why we do so well and we come back every season.. alive,” said Hansen.

The crew members are working on their boat, the F/V Northwestern, and soaking up the fame they’ve gained on the TV show.

“I’m more than amazed. Didn’t think it would snowball to this extent but why not, man? It’s fun,” said the captain.

Four years ago, Hansen agreed to let cameras on board for a crab season. Now he’s one of the most popular fisherman in the world and he’s cashing in.

“What helps us sell us is because we are who we are and I think people dig it,” said Hansen.

The crew has signed a clothing deal with Helly Hansen.

“We’ve got our own brand own, little logo. Those guys are helping us drive that market. It’s great,” Hansen said.

And there’s a line of coffee.

“It’s a part of our life, man, for me. It’s coffee, cigarettes and chocolate. The coffee is a natural fit,” said Hansen.

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