Discovery’s Livechat with Jake Anderson of the Northwestern

Two weeks ago, Discovery held a livechat with the Northwestern’s greenhorn–who’s now become a half-share deckhand–Jake Anderson.  There’s a some interesting ‘Deadliest Catch’ trivia to learn here.  For example, Jake was never a complete greenhorn, he’d fished before, just not for the Northwestern.  He also happens to be very, very single, he says.  So learn a little more about this fisherman who’s brought a lot of entertainment to the homes of ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans for the the last two seasons by reading what he has to say.

Last night, Discovery held their livechat with Sig Hansen.  You’ll be interested to know that there was much new information revealed from the Northwestern skipper so keep your eyes peeled for that transcript in a couple of weeks!

(photo courtesy of Discovery)

Jake Anderson: My life has drastically changed now that I’ve been working on the Northwestern for a year and a half. It’s really hard for me to come home because you’re so used to all the extreme excitement, the work, and no sleep. I can never sleep now. But as far as people watching the television show about us working, it doesn’t do it justice. Half the time, people talk to me as if they could do my job. It’s not like I’m trying to brag or be cruel. That’s one of the hardest things I have to deal with, my friends talking to me like they talk to some average Joe kid. I work with some of the best crabbers and crews. That’s what it’s like at home. I’m on a break. I’m trying to stay away from the disappointment. I can’t really talk to people; they complain about their 8 hour or 12 hour day and there’s no comparison to the work of our crab season. So, I just have to sit there, and really don’t have anyone to talk to.

Sarahlu03: Hey Jake! How did you end up getting on the Northwestern? How did you get into crab fishing? have you fished anything else?
Jake Anderson: I’d been salmon fishing for 12 years. We worked 20 hour days, but everything’s not as heavy and it’s half as dangerous. But you could die out there too, it’s real dangerous. I went up early for the season and I got the boats ready, which means there’s a lot of stuff they require to get ready. I dealt with the crews, helped motivate the crews. I worked with my Uncle Mark on the Mark I and on the boat there was Rick McCloud and Brad Parker, two people that were from the Northwestern, both were on the show. I fished for my Uncle Brian, Nicky Mavar’s brother. So, you had these three guys and I did King Crab in ’06. I had already done a partial Opi season and cod, before I got on the Northwestern. I did not want to go. I’d been fishing for 12 years, pot fishing for a year. I knew how things worked and everything, but I wasn’t good at it.

So I was on a dragger, got a job after King Crab, when my Uncle Brian called me and told me I’d want to go on the Northwestern. He said “The boat you’re on doesn’t look like it’s going to make you money, it’s going to go in the hole.” I hate quitting, I had to tell a man I respected I wasn’t going to go with him. These are not easy jobs to get. So, if you quit, they basically say I don’t ever want to see you again and don’t need your help again. Right before January I talked to Sig, at this point I was freaked out. I guess there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t know.

keno43: Jake, who’s your favorite Hansen brother?
Jake Anderson: Sig’s my dad, Edgar’s my brother, Norman’s my brother. That’s how it works, how I see it. I listen to Sig like a father. There’s no real favorite.

witchyone: You were so eager and willing to learn last year, what has changed your attitude this year?
Jake Anderson: When you’re new in an industry you’re excited to learn. Now, my job is different; now I have a lot more responsibilities, so I have to watch my energy. As far as learning something new every day, I have to do that or I’d get depressed. So, really, I’m just a lot stronger, faster, and smarter than last season.

Sugarland: Hi Jake, thanks for sharing your time tonight. How long before the season starts do you have to be in Dutch to get the boat ready to go out? I adore the whole Northwestern crew. May calm seas and full pots always be with you.
Jake Anderson: If you’re going to do cod fishing, we work extra at the end of each season to get ready for the next season. We get the pots ready and everything. If we take it to Seattle we have no pots so we have to re-rig in August. So, it just depends on which season. Some guys go a week, some a couple weeks, it just depends on the work load you have to do. But it’s always good to go early. We’ve found engine problems before the season.

upton: Do you ever check your MySpace page?
Jake Anderson: I do sometimes check my MySpace page, and my sister checks it for me. I do try to get in whenever I can. I have no laptop or computer, though.

Groovee74: Jake how bad do you hate biting raw live fish?
Jake Anderson: I do hate eating the raw fish and stuff. It’s not that it’s really that bad, it’s that I know I’m going to puke and it’s gross. I’m clean, brush my teeth every day, the herring is kind of messy and it messes your day up for a while. Sore throat and feeling like crap from getting sick, then you feel like you’re going to get sick again. It’s all in the name of fun, and it gets you through the day. It’s something to do. It’s tradition, though, that’s why we do it, of bringing crab into your pot. That’s the main thing why I do it, not because Edgar wants me to.

Sarahlu03: What is your bunk like on the Northwestern? Do you have any pictures of family and friends?
Jake Anderson: I got the ADFG (Alaska Department of Fish and Game) map of the Bering Sea, it’s got like St. Paul, St. Matthew, Aleutians. I have maps because I want to be able to run the boat. I want to have a future with the company, so I like to have charts.

djdebsing: So what do you think of the Jake versus Jake on the Wiki site?
Jake Anderson: I was sick that day and got to the boat and we had to trash talk each other. I was puking. I was like trash talking, walked the rail to get sick and then walk back. I haven’t seen it, but I heard it’s pretty funny. We wear way cooler clothes than anybody on the other boats.

(photo courtesy of Discovery)

PA2B: Hey Jake! My friend thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Are you single?
Jake Anderson: I am single and I haven’t had a girlfriend since Valentine’s Day. She broke up with me at the place she was a bartender at. Very, very, very single! And I’m not a cheater 🙂

crabfan87: How long did Edgar make you wear the cod?
Jake Anderson: A couple of hours. That’s what they love having me on the boat for. None of them wear their knife, but they make me wear a cod; make an example out of me to scare everyone else. Everyone’s afraid of him on the boat, everyone except for me. He’s like my older brother. I know we complain and get dirty, but he’s never taken it too far with me. He’s never crossed the line. Nick Mavar is a different story, but Edgar Hansen loves me like a little brother. We’re really close, as much as I hate him! Just kidding! 🙂

Zack: What’s that scariest thing that has ever happened to you?
Jake Anderson: You’ll have to watch to find out, it’s coming up. Setting gear when the pots are stacked on their doors. in rough weather, that’s always going to come close. That means the pots are standing up really high. You do that when you’re sending out your gear at the beginning of the season, you have to stack them right in order to fit all the pots on board and keep the boat from tipping.

So, you have these 8′ pots that tip real easy, it’s dangerous. Stuff like that you can’t see on the show. I guarantee you if you saw it, you’d be scared. Anyone would be. Our whole life is based on being around death, you see it standing on the bridge and know if you’re going to jump you’ll die. It’s like that all over. If I stick my hand here, I’m going to die. If I look this way or that way, I’m going to die. If I don’t pay attention I’m going to die. Really, you can’t see that stuff on the show.

Headin2Alaska: Jake, I appreciate the fact that you stand up for yourself but don’t you think that it would make life a lot easier for all involved if you tried to get along with your deckmates? Have you and Matt made up since the season ended?
Jake Anderson: Me and Matt made up right after that. We’re like brothers, I’m not lying when I say that. So for me and him to get into a scuffle, that’s not anything that bothered us. That’s normal life on a crab boat. As far as me and Matt making up, he’s my best friend. I’ll back him up until the day I die. He’d take a bullet for me and I would for him. That’s the truth. I love him. He’s one of the toughest fisherman out there. He might whine or complain a little bit, but the fact is you can take Matt into any weather, any situation, he can take any order. He doesn’t have a problem with it.

Barbara: What’s the longest amount of time while fishing you’ve been without food and also without sleep?
Jake Anderson: With me, I’m so high strung I can’t eat. You have to watch what you eat or you’ll be drained. On our boat, all of us are professionals, I can’t really say I am, but we all eat and we’re fast enough we can always get something to eat and make it back without being late. Sleep? 40-something hours for me. They’ve all done 60 some hours. That’s straight, no breaks, no sleep. I think it was 44.

stormsbrew: What is the stupidest thing you did as a greenhorn on your first season?
Jake Anderson: I have to think about that, I’ll get back to you.

northwestern101: So what’s it like to hang out with Edgar on deck?
Jake Anderson: On deck? Edgar’s a lot of things to me so it changes. On deck he’s my friend. When we’re doing small cod in St. Matthew he’s my captain. When Sig’s there, he’s my boss. They’re not easy on me at all because they love me. I’m not just another person who’s been on their boat. They’re really hard on me, so when we’re on deck it’s hard because they’re training me to be the best, not a slacker. On deck on Edgar isn’t fun, it’s never fun.

lillygrl305: Did Sig fine you for fighting on the boat?
Jake Anderson: No, he did not. I didn’t start the fight. I got a door thrown at me. The door got thrown. I told him the pot comes first, which was right, and he threw the door. He could have killed me. I told him to tie his own door up if he was going to be like that. He grabbed me by the throat. So, I went to push him off me, I didn’t mean to hit him, I just wanted to get him away from me. What do you do when someone comes at you? I was a wrestler in high school, so I had no problem standing my ground. I had a door thrown at me, was seriously disrespected for being right, and he tells me I’m going to get fired for standing my ground. He was just afraid he was going to look bad. Like Edgar said, he apologized because Matt wouldn’t apologize. I’m real hard on myself.

(photo courtesy of F/V Northwestern website)

Kanowakeron: Hey Jake! Thanks for stopping by – would you rather be a deck boss like Edgar or a captain like Sig?
Jake Anderson: Good question! All of them. I want to be a deck boss. I want to run the boat. Like I said, I’m the future of the company so I have to know everything for every job on that boat. So when I get older I can tell the engineer how the boat has been run. Because by that time there won’t be anyone there who knows. Years on down the road. I will have to know every job so that I can train the people I hire.

Boodaddy: Appears that the main food involves caffeine and nicotine. Is that pretty straight up?
Jake Anderson: Yeah! We’re constantly making coffee. I go through a pack every 2-1/2 hours. It’s that rough out there on your mind.

dcapt: I used to be in the navy. I was on an aircraft carrier and it was rock steady to walk on. How do you manage getting around on a ship rocking back and forth?
Jake Anderson: You’ve got to learn how to time your steps. Go with the rolls. You can’t just walk like it’s your house or you’ll run into people. You have to learn to walk. I’ve got a style to my walk, really. It’s like a dance. You wait for a roll then you stand, wait for the roll, walk again. Literally, like a dance. A good sailor can handle himself on the boat well. You won’t see him stutter step around. A new guy will be all over the place. A veteran, it doesn’t even look like the boat’s moving when he walks. It’s a whole other way of life.

kjv39: Jake, who do you think has taught you more while you’ve been aboard the Northwestern, Sid or Edgar?
Jake Anderson: Edgar. Edgar’s taught me everything I know. Now when Sig teaches me, he never has the time. That’s what’s upsetting for me, because he never has the time and it takes him 2 seconds to teach me something. I retain everything that he tells me. They call me Spongebob because I absorb everything, but he never has time to teach me. In reality, if I were to be a man, Sig would be the man I want to be. That’s the truth, I want to handle business the way he handles business.

sea2see: Hi Jake!! What lead you to become a fisherman?:)
Jake Anderson: My surroundings, peers, my Uncle Brian, Nick Mavar’s brother. It’s how you grew up. You were either a refinery worker or a fisherman.

Kylan7: Have you gotten sick on the Northwestern?
Jake Anderson: Of course I’ve gotten sick! Everybody gets sick on a boat, a crab boat especially. As far as puking sick, no. I haven’t in 2 years. My first working day on a crab boat, I puked all day long. All day long – I didn’t get a break.

Agnes_Girls: Hey Jake! This is the girls from Agnes Scott College (check out our shout out). We want to know if you’re single. We have a Facebook group dedicated to you, check it out. * hugs *
Jake Anderson: Yeah, I’m single and I’m a good man. Thanks for the shout out and thanks to everyone who’s written me on MySpace page, everybody who’s important to me. All the fans have really made it fun to go out there and fish. You know there’s people anticipating you going out fishing. They send you stuff like food, candy, and underwear! Thanks to everybody who’s been a part of the show and our boat.

lillygrl305: Have you taken a turn at cooking on the Northwestern?
Jake Anderson: I can cook, but I won’t do it because then I’ll be designated as that. I have to drive, too, which isn’t hard on a crab boat. You have to know what to do if something happens, though, that’s the whole idea of being allowed in the wheelhouse. I drive as much as I can.

kjv39: Hey Jake! I’m glad you’re here tonight! Did you play the Deadliest Catch video game yet? Did you have any help in making it?
Jake Anderson: Yes, I did. I put in a lot of work with the video game. I can’t tell you how many hours I put in on that game, driving to Seattle for photo shoots – the pictorials. I played the game a little bit, it’s pretty good. I liked the stuff I played, but I haven’t gotten to play it that much so I can’t really tell people it’s a good game or it’s not. As far as being involved in the making of the game, it’s a lot of work.

armando: Jake, hope all is well. What do you plan to do in the off season
Jake Anderson: I skateboard for Autobahn Wheels. and Hidden Wave Board Shop in Burlington, Washington.

keno43: What kind of music do you like?
Jake Anderson: I listen to rap, reggae, hard core. I play the guitar so I play a lot of Bob Dylan, pretty much everything except for country. But even that I’ve come to like. So, everything.

Katie: Do you think it was harder for you to work on a crab boat for the first time having TV cameras constantly watching you?
Jake Anderson: Well, I’d already been on a crab boat. I skateboard, I used to for a living, so I was already used to the cameras.

AAACrabby: What is your most “memorable” moment on the boat so far?
Jake Anderson: Come on, when I got my jacket – the most memorable moment. I’ll never have a moment like that again. Never. It wasn’t so much the jacket, it was all the work we did. I’m an alcoholic and I don’t drink anymore, and when I got that jacket it was saying goodbye to my old life. It wasn’t a greenhorn thing, but yeah, it was saying goodbye to a lot of stuff. Nobody knows what life is like really, the only thing people know is what the cameras show. What it’s really like up there is different from what you can see. The information that a camera and sound bites can give still isn’t true. As close as they try to make it, they can’t match it up because of the pain, the loneliness involved.

Nancy: Jake, if you could no longer do this for a living, what would you do?
Jake Anderson: Good question! Getting the job on the boat has been the best thing for me.

Trish: Where can you send fan mail for the Northwestern crew?
Jake Anderson: Check at the Northwestern’s website:

Discovery: Jake, thanks for being here tonight to answer everyone’s questions! Any last comments, before we have to end the chat?
Jake Anderson: Thanks again for everybody that’s supported me, rooted for me. I’ve come a long way, even if you can’t see that on the cameras.

Discovery: Send a shout-out! Call the guys toll-free and leave a message for your favorite crew.
And, don’t miss the next episode of Deadliest Catch, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. E/P.





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18 Responses to Discovery’s Livechat with Jake Anderson of the Northwestern

  1. alaskasteve says:

    The site is looking fantastic! I’ve got a bit more to catch up on still . . . great job! Cheers, steve

  2. snake-bitten says:

    looks like life has done you well lately. do you still have dreams of being a pro-skate boarder? get back at me…your old pal snakebite

  3. Kate Anderson says:

    Yo Jake!…umm so i just watched i bit of ‘after the catch’ and i heard that what drove you to be a fisherman was your grandfather who lived in norway. well, my dad, is from norway…and his dad left him…..are you my dad’s nephew or brother?????

  4. Kelli says:

    hey hey hey! well i was just wondering like how you got chosen to be on the northwestern???? or did you choose?? well i also have to say that outta the intire fleet……you’re my fav deckhand! lol
    Kelli!!! 😀

  5. Jennifer says:

    Hey, Jake I would like to chat with you more. Drop me a line. Jennifer

  6. Amy O'Neil says:

    That picture of Jake with his hair blowing in the wind is HOTT!!!!!!

  7. Skipstr says:

    Jake, Yesterday was the first time my family and I sat down, in front of the TV for some time & somehow the discovery channel was on. I have to say that we all really enjoyed watching you on the Northwestern Crab Ship, so much that we all went out and had crab for dinner. I just wanted to say that you and your shipmates do a very good job and make us proud to be Americans. You guys work very hard and help feed so many people. Maybe to you it’s just a job, but it far more then that. My family and I want to say thanks for the TV show and the Crab. Victor, Marie, Jennifer28, Shannon26 & JR19. Keep it up…….

  8. Leahirish says:

    Hey jake just wanted to say your my favorite deckhand out of everyone:) yes, the northwestern is my favorite boat but your the best and not just for your looks:)lol!! but i was just wondering would u want to be on another boat if u were a full share??

  9. Chris says:

    Dude you are a FUCKING LEGEND! If you ever want to come and chill in Bermuda when you’re not crabbing hit me up. Get away from those Barny’s that don’t get it and enjoy the beautiful beaches and women. My house is yours!


    P.S. Sorry to hear about your sis…terrible.

  10. Marcie says:

    Hi Jake,

    I just have to say it is so nice to see guys like you actually exist; you have balls of steel, a heart of gold and you crack me up! Love watching you (and your bros on the NW) and wish you the best. My heart goes out to you and your family over the loss of your sister. There are no words to say that can make the hurt go away. It will get easier to deal with as time goes on but there is always an empty space in your heart when you lose someone you love. God does love you and your whole family. He will help you through this.

    Take care of yourself,

    Marcie (

  11. Gaylen Ings says:

    Hi Jake ;

    My condolences to You and Your Family from our Family. We just seen the show which was dedicated to your Sister. We love the show and watch it every week. Being from Newfoundland and fishing in the North Atlantic I enjoy watching you guys out there on the sea. I’m presently residing in Ontario so watching the show reminds me of home.

    All the best to you.

  12. Bryan Hall says:

    Jake, SO SAD TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR SISTER….. GOD BLESS!…. I really like your work ethic…keep up the hard work and stay safe….

  13. Sarah says:

    Jake, my husband watches Deadliest Catch faithfully ! Tuesday nights and whatever reruns are inbetween !! I am finally hooked too. Bummed because you will not be on the boat for the rest of the Opi season but looking forward to having you back for the next season 🙂

  14. Heidi says:

    Hi Jake

    Where do you live when you are on land?? I love your show so are super cool and so sweet. The boat needs a guy like you on it. 😉 Im sorry you wont be on the show this season anymore. anyways..if you ever want to chat send me a email (see below) we could go from there. you rock and are super hot!!!


  15. jon says:

    Jake….girls love you…I am a dude though so I respect you…I am a ex all american football player of 08′ and I could literally never do what you do… emotionally or physically…but i invite you down to minneapolis, minnesota to come out to the bars with me….it would be ridiculous…if the season was bad i will pay bud…you are a bad ass..i am not a creep google me…just a blue collar guy.

    jonathan stavast

  16. fangy says:

    oh i wish you would do this with him again. because i missed this one! but thanks for the transcript. i would so love to get to live chat with jake a.

  17. alexander abreu says:

    jake sorry about Your sister

  18. Larry says:

    Dude, sorry for your sis, and your dad!
    You keep your head up. I watch the show every single Tuesday and the thoughts of being on the boat with you all lets me sleep at night, (gets me away from my own thoughts) take care and congrades on 6 months!

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