On TV Tonight….

Last week’s episode, Unsafe and Unsound proved once again that crab fishing in the Bering sea is a deadly job.  From Moi’s nasty finger injury to Capt. Johnathan’s plunge into the freezing water, we all saw that it isn’t necessary that a fishing vessel go down for bad things to happen to our favorite fishermen!  This week it sounds like we’ll find out what happens when the pressure of finding crab and working long hours makes deckhands and skippers turn on each other.  That in itself, could be pretty deadly as well!


Deadliest Catch–May 06th  9pm eastern
Episode 5

Tempers flare onboard Wizard and Northwestern. Time Bandit has a dangerous electrical short. On Cornelia Marie, Phil’s health deteriorates. Early Dawn runs headlong into high seas when its greenhorn falls asleep at the wheel.


On the Discovery webiste, tonight’s guest for their weekly live chat is none other then halfshare deckhand Jake Anderson aboard the F/V Northwestern.  We already know that he also has ties to Bering sea crabbers as he’s the nephew of Nick Mavar on the Northwestern and John Mavar aboard the Far West Leader, but there’s plenty more to learn about this young guy provided we head over to the chat room at 10pm eastern and ask him the right questions….Use this livechat link and pop in later.

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One Response to On TV Tonight….

  1. dawn says:

    Welcome back Opilio.
    Always a wealth of knowlege.

    I like Corey’s work. He is really talented guy. Will have to send him a comment about sleeping with the fishes..LOL

    Show is coming on now. Keep up the great work.
    Great stories today. Thanks very much.. Dawnie

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