Season 4 Fishing Vessels

These are the featured fishing vessels for season 4, along with a few statistics.  Please visit each respective website for additional stats.  (Photos are courtesy of Discovery, where you can also unearth great details about these fishing boats).

The F/V Time Bandit:  Built in 1991. 113′ long.  Designed and custom built by the Hillstrands.  Home port-Juneau, AK area.  Holds 22,000 gallons of fuel.

F/V Northwestern:  Built in 1977.  125′ long.  Home port is Seattle, WA.  Holds 60,000 gallons of fuel and has a 1280 HP motor.

F/V Wizard. Built in 1945.  156′ long with a very low profile in the water.  Home port is Seattle, WA.  Fuel capacity is 48,000 gallons.  Has 4 holds and is a single shaft vessel.


F/V Cornelia Marie:  Built in 1989.  128′ feet long.  Home port is Kodiak, AK.  Holds 25,800 gallons of fuel and has twin screws/shafts.

F/V North American:  Like the Northwestern, the North American is a house-forward vessel.  110′ feet long.  It’s the only featured vessel that is a “green” boat.

F/V Early Dawn:  Built in 1978.  108′ long.  Home port is Seattle, WA.  Has a 850 HP engine and it’s fuel capacity is 35,000 gallons.



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2 Responses to Season 4 Fishing Vessels

  1. jimmie says:

    what a show!! Watch it all the time…

  2. marc fogde says:

    anybody know why that the Northwestern has so much more fuel storage than the others?

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