…On Captain Phil’s Health

     If you’ve read the episode guide descriptions for season 4 you’ve probably noticed that’s there are multiple mentions of Capt. Phil and his deteriorating health.  Now he speaks about it.

Captains Phil Harris and Keith Colburn recently were interviewed in Chicago.  During the interview(scroll to the correct clip),  Capt. Phil informed viewers that what he suffered while out at sea was a pulmonary aneurysm, a serious condition to say the least.  So within a few short weeks, we’ll be watching a very ill skipper on the Cornelia Marie.  The F/V Cornelia Marie website preceeded this post with this information so please take a moment, make the jump, and leave a comment of support for this brave fisherman who’s shared his life, family, and work with the rest of the world!

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98 Responses to …On Captain Phil’s Health

  1. Danny Vance says:

    Captain Phil ,
    Bering Sea commercial fisherman have solid brass buoys.. All of you are not appreciated enough in this “me me me” world. Thank you for all you do. Your the type of men that have LIVED life. We are only observers in our small little world. FISH TILL YOU DROP !!! Thanks to all of you Capt. Phil !

  2. Kris Benach says:

    I know that everyone who watches Deadliest Catch, worries about the lives of all the men out there on the Bering Sea. We will be thinking about you Capt. Phil. Get better! Thanks for giving us a glimps into your life.

  3. Ruth says:

    Take care Capt. Phil I am not sure how much you are cared for and loved by the fans who watch the show. Each of us have our favorite boat or captian but when push comes to shove we care for all the men who fish the bearing sea.

  4. Penny Clark says:

    Hope that eveything goes well for you and your crew. I am an Lpn and watch your show every tuesday. My prayers and thought go out to Capt Phil and hope he gets to feeling better. If you al need anything let me know.

  5. Brie says:

    Thank the Lord you’re ok Phil! It is good to see how much your sons do love and worry about you. You guys really push it to the limits out there but please remember your health and your family! The shows not a show without you guys! Good Luck and God Speed in the rest of your trips! Take care and we love u!!!

  6. Shirley says:

    I think it’s a safe bet that there are a lot of fans out there who are pulling for Phil. It think a lot of people can relate to him especially because of his obvious affection for his sons and overall closeness with his crew. Of all the captains, Phil seems like the biggest father figure to me, so I wish him the best of luck and hope that his health improves so he can continue to do the job that he clearly enjoys!

  7. brenda says:

    woman like me only watch the shoe becasue of u your make our beat fast each week and plzz get better becasue if there isnt a capt phil will i will not watch the show any more because u are the reason i watch and im my eyes u are the most sexyest man alive what we call a real man…your biggest fan brenda

  8. brenda says:

    oh and phil plzz if u like write me back…evilbitch34@yahoo.com would love to hear from u..

  9. Rami says:


    I am beaming healing light and positive vibes to you from western Massachusetts.
    Take care of yourself.

    – Rami

  10. Terry says:

    Glad you are feeling better Phil. You are by far my favorite, you and your crew. I love watching the show – never miss it. Take good care of yourself. You and your family are in my thoughts.

  11. nesscustomz says:

    Hey phil I was shockrd to hear of your medical problem and realy hope you get better. i watch ya’all every week and love the show like no other. if possable give a shout out to Nesscustomz if you can, i think it will be kool to hear ya say our garage name.tell Sig ,john and the rest i wish them the best and keep messin with each otherz pot’z it iz funny. best to all your bro ness,,,,,peace

  12. Jessica & Roy L says:

    Capt Phil,

    Just wanted to say my husband, who’s an upstate NY country boy, says your real men out there doing that job! Stay strong we know you’ll make it!

  13. kristy says:

    get well we love watching you all out there you make us laugh and love it

  14. Diane says:

    Captain Phil,

    I am so sorry to hear of your illness. Please take care of yourself! I am a nurse and understand how serious this is. Know that you and your family are in my prayers.

  15. Marilyn Litt says:

    I hope you are doing better and will continue to improve. I was quite concerned seeing how you look this season. Esp. when I catch a rerun from just two years ago.

    I am the kind of person who never watches the coming attractions or who wants to know the end to anything I am watching or reading.

    The one exception to my not looking ahead has been The Deadliest Catch. It is not a reality show or entertainment to me, but a chronicle of real people working dangerous jobs who I have come to care about. So when the season starts, I check online a lot to see how things are going with the crab fleet.

    There is no such thing as a storm “going safely out to sea.” Know that you have enlightened many to that.

    Be well and be safe.

  16. Pamela P says:

    Love the show and Capt. Phil is a big reason why. What a personality——–can’t get enough of you and “all the boys”. Hope to see you well and back in the swim of things soon. You gotta know there are tons of love of good thoughts coming your way from all of us on the other side of the camera!!


  17. Ron and Beverly says:

    Captain Phil, My husband and I would like to say that we hope that you feel better and we hope to see you on the Bering Sea for years to come. We think that you and the rest of the fisherman on the sea are very brave men to put your life at risk the way you do for us. Please keep up the great work you do.

    Get well soon and stay safe.

  18. Shawn Bushway says:

    It’s made for TV people – what they do isn’t any less or more brave than fireman, policeman, loggers, forest rangers our men and women in the military. I think we’re quick to make heroes of people while minimizing the brave men/women who put their lives on the line everyday – not to put crab on the table but to save/protect your life. For those of you who are so wrapped up in this shoe as though these tv characters are family – I say you need help – get out of the house – create your own lives – what a waste to sit in front of the television living vicariously through someone else.

  19. Pam Regan says:

    Capt. Phil- My friends and I are huge fans. I’ve never much cared for reality shows, but there’s something about the Deadliest Catch- can’t get enough. I hope to watch you and the boys for years to come, so maybe lay off the red bull and cigs for awhile! Seriously, take care of yourself.
    To Shawn Bushway, and your comment above: I say you need help. What a waste to surf the net and criticize the well wishes of others. Why don’t you get out of your house and off your high horse? To admire the bravery of these men and their way of life does not minimize the bravery of anyone else.

  20. Randall says:

    You are right, these guys are NOT any more brave than others perhaps. No one I know of calls these men “heros”. Do others not sit in front of the television and watch shows about firemen, policemen, loggers, forest rangers and men and women in the military? There are websites for Heros such as them. Yes, it’s made for TV, that’s why we watch…and… it’s the deadliest (civilian) job in the world. I for one will continue to watch and enjoy.
    Best regards to all Captains and Crew.

  21. PAMELA says:

    God bless you phil and my prays and sympathy are with you an your family…take care and try stay aways from all them r,bulls.

  22. Jim in Virginia says:

    Sorry to hear of your situation, Try to de-stress as much as you can,( cut down on the butts & the red bulls ) follow your Doctor’s orders. The Crab will be there, doen’t rush your body. Take care & may God bless you & your Family.

  23. Kim in Minnesota says:

    Shawn, This site is to leave “best wishes” for Captain Phil. Sounds like you look up to Bart Simpson. Go back to sticking your nose up your bosses a$$ to earn a paycheck.
    Captain Phil, I wish you all the best in your recovery.

  24. Jim says:

    Phil, Jake and Josh-
    Stick together, watch out for each other, and focus on getting Dad better. You can see the pride Phil has in you two boys, and how much he enjoys having you on board with him. It’s a special family you’ve got, so keep it together. Best of luck, Phil, and get well soon!

  25. kim and katie roberts says:

    I love the show and all of yall are something else to do what ya do!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We hope you get better and take better care of your selfs.
    My husband and I talk about you guys like we know ya and do wish the best for all.

  26. sue in Nevada says:

    Phil, please, please take care of yourself and get better. You, Josh and Jake are my favorites and D.C. would not be the same without you.

  27. Danielle says:

    Phil… I just want to say that my hubby and I love watching the show. There isnt much we agree on when it comes to the t.v., but your show is one of the few. We think you’re an awesome captain and he even said he’d love to work on your boat! We get a kick out of your sons, we are raising 3 ourselves.. and it gives us an idea as to what we have to look forward too. Glad to hear you are feeling better… and you remind me so much of my hubby with the cigs and redbulls……….SO UN-HEALTHY!!! BUt anywhoo… stay safe 🙂

  28. Valerie in Florida says:

    Captain Phil,
    I’m a registered nurse and you know that we can be bossy, telling you whats best for you. NO SMOKING! NO PIES! NO CAKES! NO WAFFLES! NO PANCAKES! NO HAM! NO PORK! ONLY TWO EGGS PER WEEK! NO SALT! LOW CARB AND LOW SALT DIET ONLY!
    Just one hug to you-you can have a glass of red wine.
    Get well-stay healthy. This show is so relaxing at the end of a tough day at the hospital. It puts me in another world. So you and all of the Captains better take my advice. Stay healthy and be around for a long time because I need to keep watching your show! THATS AN ORDER!!!!


  30. Joyce says:

    Phil, How are you doing! Looks like some of you guys are enjoying public appearances. Touring can be hard on you, particularly if you are recovering. Hope you are taking care of yourself and enjoying the break from the Bering Sea.

  31. Joyce says:

    P.S. to above – HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

  32. kelli gill says:

    capt. phil i love you. i wish you the very best of health. please take good care of yourself. the cornelia marie is my favorite boat. i never miss this show. it would not be the same if you were not on it. give up the smokes and rd bull!! god speed.

  33. chris from the myspace page says:

    phil i love you and the boys pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stop the smoking and redbulls i want you on the cornelia marie for yrs to come tell the boys to spend their money for clothes or tv’s from now on not yours and you won’t get so stressed out either

  34. Michele says:

    Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery! You are the most likable of the Deadliest Catch! My husband (a waterman) and I watch EVERY episode- the reruns too!

  35. Stacy says:

    I hope you feel better phil. You will be in my prayers. I admire your strength and courage but remember that your sons need you, therefore your health is extremely important. Once again thank you for everything that you do.

  36. Bill says:

    Hey Fellow Chucklehead-

    Time to take the health issues serious. Give it some attention, everybody wants to see you healthy.

    Good luck.

  37. Joey says:

    Phil….quit smoking!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. JoeyMarie says:

    Phil, your my favorite. I love you, please stop smoking! I was a truck driver and smoked almost 3 packs a day and i was able to quit.

    I hope you’ll give it a try

    Take care
    Joey Marie

  39. Donna says:

    Dear Captain Phil and All the guys.

    We were holding our breath with this last episode. We hope you get better soon. I know its hard to take the medicine and to do what they tell you..But please, if not for yourself, Do it for your kids. I Know they mean the world to you, even if they cant stay out of your credit card!!! Take care..and..Thanks for letting us Watch you so much..Your the CUTEST out of the bunch..Hugs and get better soon..The Women of the South…

  40. Malorie says:



  41. Malorie says:



    You are in our in our famly’s (how ever you spell that prayers and we all hope you get well soon! 😀

    Oh, and SMOKING can make it even WORSE!!!!!!1

  42. Jill in South Carolina says:

    Capt. Phil:
    I absolutely love to watch you and your two boys. Take care of yourself!

    Thank you for showing us all that is involved in catching my favorite food – I certainly appreciate it more.
    Love you and get well soon!

  43. Rhonda says:

    Captain Phil, PLEASE take care of yourself. Out of all the captains on Deadliest Catch, you’re my favorite. I love the way you interact with your sons, and let them have it when needed. You can tell your sons & crew truly care about you……so do your fans that watch every week. The show just wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t there every week. Take care!!!!

  44. Katie says:

    Captian Phil,

    Your my favorite captian in the whole fleet! Your in my paryers and i am glad your getting better.

    Smooth waters, smooth sailing, good fishing and may God Bless.



  46. Delores says:

    Oh my god Phil, We love you, take care of yourself and rember there is no tomorrow to worry about if your dead. Hate that shit myself, but you have to take care of yourself. Don’t know what it is about you, but your the show for me, love your crew and kids too, I’d slap that little bastards ass for you, if you haven’t, just kidding, not. Love you guys, come to Vermont for a home cooked meal.


  47. Dear Phil and Crew we love all of you so much. I am also in the battle for my life and while in ICU 4-8-08 ya’ll were on t.v. all week and yes I watched you all week. You are forever in my prayers. Think positive and take care love ya.

  48. Carolyn says:

    Capt. Phil,
    I love watching the show, Am very worried about your health,Please take care of yourself, I want to see you and your boys in many seasons to come. Thank you for showing what crab fishing is all about.

  49. Patty Wright says:

    Dear Captain Phil,

    Please take care of yourself and let the doctors take care of you for a while instead of you taking care of every one else. They will there for you when you get back on your feet. If you don’t let the doctors take care of you, you won’t be able to get back of your feet. I love you and your kids and I would not watch the show anymore if I couldn’t see you on it every week. Get well soon. And do what the doctors tell you to do.

    I say that because I am a nurse. That’s just the way we are.

    Love you, Patty

  50. Darcy and Chris says:

    STOP WORRYING US! WE LOVE YOU!! Please take care of yourself and get better soon. I love coffee and the occasional smoke as much as anyone, but enough already! You’re scaring your adoring fans!!!!
    North Carolina loves Captain Phil!

  51. Scott says:

    Phil – Hey, my family just saw the episode and thought, my GOD, will he be ok? Jesus, it was compelling… which means for those of us way out here in Michigan, even we are riveted by the series and appreciate your dedication and love for your work and family. We just wish you wouldn’t smoke so much… that can’t help your health, and good luck with that.

    Thanks for catching the crab we eat… it’s yummy.

    Regardless, best wishes, get better soon and God speed!

    If you ever want a Big Ten college team to root for, choose the MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS! And, while you’re at it, try Bell’s Beer from Michigan… 🙂

    Good luck, Phil!

  52. CARY REDMAN says:

    Captain Phil,

    I will pray for you an your boys, I pray that you will have a speedy recovery. I was a firefighter for 20+ years and rarley I seen someone survive an aneurysm, especially in the lungs You are a very lucky man, PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AN QUIT SMOKING. You’re one of my favorite skippers man. I want to se you again next year.

    You take care and you will be in my prayers.

    May god be with you and bless you an your family

    Woodstock, GA


  54. Nick Salem says:

    Ok , buddy just saw the show , i to have said a prayer for you kid , yep i am a little older . I also pray for your family to be comforted as only God can . Nick Salem

  55. Jan & Rob says:

    Cat. Phil, The Good Lord has a watchful eye on you!
    You will be in our prayers. Stay safe in all you do.
    Prayers for your Family too! I We Love Deadliest Catch.
    Our home is on the Oregon Coast!
    Jan & Rob

  56. Mark Pearce says:

    Come on Phil quit being a puss and stop smoking, anyone can smoke but it takes a man to quit ! I quit smoking 20 years ago, nothing personal eh I’d just like to see you on the show and pass up Sig and his crew ! You are a stud Phil, wish you the best.
    Mark Pearce MN

  57. Peggy McKita says:


    Hope you are doing better. You sure dodged a major bullett on the embolism. Hang in there and we hope to see you back soon. Your in our prayers !
    I just love the show.


  58. RENEE says:


  59. Alicia- Upstate New York says:

    Phil, – Stay ‘yourself’ and don’t let others tell you what to do about smoking, tell them if one thing doesn’t get ya another will…
    I know you’ll hang in there. The show is great with YOU and your tales- in it- I hope to see you do commentary during your time off to heal. You’re the best father the boys could have. You can be proud of your upstanding care for your crew. ( I don’ t know how you stand that camera in your face esp. when you were hurting!- not easy)-
    Take care, and you’re in my thoughts and prayers.
    Enjoy your trips to Mass. Great folks there too.
    ( The Russian in my blood helps me understand how you put up with that cold wx- you must have some too!)

  60. val, florida says:

    phil, each time i watch the show i am breathless . As an x ray and nuc med tech i recognize how ill you were. I have held many strong mens hands as they awaited results as you did.
    Stay strong,get well. keep riding!!!

  61. RaDonna says:

    Dear Captian Phil, YOU ROCK – You are the BEST captain and if I had to choose who I would ride with it would most certainly be you. I joke around with my husband and tell him I might run away with one of you ships captains. I was so worried about you, you were so brave. I loved how even though you knew you had a lung problem you kept right on smoking, that illustrated how addictive the drug is. I remember having bronchitis and had to smoke through it even though my lungs were on fire. Even if you don’t quit, lots of others will. 🙂 Thank you for being part of Deadliest Catch and allowing me and my family to part of your crew! Take Care. RaDonna

  62. Donna says:

    hey captain Phil, hope all is well and yeah i agree you need to quit smoking don’t need that with your lungs if ya need a quitting partner let me know and we can quit together 🙂 be stop smoking buddies just cant cheat remember i can see you on t.v. lol hope all is going good with you and the family and crew stay safe much respect to all D.

  63. adam says:

    okay I have been reading quite a few responses. I must say, he doesnt need your advice on personal health issues. He is probably pissed that he already signed away the intellectual property rights associated with that footage to the Discovery Channel because now we all know about his personal situations and not only that, we all feel obligated to somehow comment. Leave the poor man alone.

  64. Texas Peach says:

    Just be well Phil. I want to see you beat Sig and Keith next King Crab Season.

  65. riversideliving says:

    Captain Phil,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Take care!

  66. helen.wilhite@mchsi.com says:

    Dear Captain Phil,
    I pray for you everyday. I lost my third child a son to this disease and it is very hard to put to rest. I feel for your boys and I send you love everyday. Hang in there because God was with you for 60 days and he will continue to pull you through. We love you God Bless you and your boys.
    Love Helen
    Carrollton, MO

  67. T.L.Poteat says:

    Capt.Phil, take care of your self! PE’S are nothing to fool with they can kill you as i’m sure you now know. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.

  68. Phil, just want to say hi and get well soon! You are missed, Your my my favorite skipper and love your boys too! It’s not the same without you!!! If you ever come by this way on your Harley and need a rider, look me up! Hang in there, it will get better…….

  69. GRANNY D says:


  70. Kally says:

    Dear Capt. Phil,
    Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. My cousin died of a PE in the hospital, at age 41, so don’t take any chances with this condition.
    I know you hated to go in, (am an avid doctor avoider myself) but sometimes you just have to bite the old bullet and do what the doc says.
    Josh just breaks my heart, the way he worries about you. You are a very lucky man to have 2 such loving and intelligent sons!
    Looking forward to seeing you back on the boat. God bless!

  71. jerry harazmus says:

    dear capt. phil,
    hope your recovery is fast and complete. do as the doc
    says. i look forward to seeing you back in the captains chair. how many months out of the year do you spend fishing? throw them cig’s away. i did after 43 years.
    my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  72. Kim Paul says:

    As the wife of a Capt. (fishing now tugboating), he also sufferered from a PE from sitting in the wheelhouse and hanging his legs. Thank God it moved after a half gallon of Beam when he came home. He fell out in our kitchen and we still suffer from nightmares. Scared the kids to death. When you return to sea, remember to move around and not just rolling with the waves. Tell Josh and Jake I have 2 beautiful blondes that watch them religiously. The Pauls- NC coast

  73. Luann says:

    We watch faithfully. We are praying for you Capt. Phil and hope that all will be well. We want to see more of you. We also pray for all the men out on those crab boats. We love them all.
    Hang in there and do what your supposed to. Your great and very much loved as you can see…..

  74. Ginger P. says:

    Hey Capt. Phil, I guess you can see that *lots* of people watch the show. It seems like most of you guys smoke because there seems to be stretches when that’s all you can do to stay awake. As a former smoker, I know you can do it. Do it so that some day, you will be able to see your boys’ kids. One thing I know that some people do to stay awake is sunflower seeds. It’s not detrimental to your health like smoking and energy drinks. Hey, even ballplayers spit seeds. You can even get one of those noodle cups like Keith !

  75. Linda M Vacca says:

    hey capt phil. I hope ya make it thourgh all this I feel you will. I have a medical condition thats gonna put me away sooner then later, I have to get my high stress under control and could make it a few more years, Do You Have any advice that you could offer me? I would just about give anything for the chance to yak with ya. I care for my elderly father so if you or your lady could use some help with anything give me a holler please. I would give alot just for a sit down or phone call with ya. I prey and hope only the best for ya.. take care. Linda Vacca covington wa.

  76. Linda M Vacca says:

    also I myself have two sons rafe and josh and I tell ya my josh and yours are two peas in a pod, loves to spend/take advantage of my money w/o asking, your comment as to why lions eat thier young, yea baby if that aint the truth, lets chat on-line and compare notes some time I could really give ya some doozers of crap my josh has done, whew. oh can I. get lots of rest and do take really good care of yourself,, this was a ps by the way, later. Linda Vacca covington wa.

  77. carol@ bob says:

    Sorry to hear about your health as we watch the show . I still don”t now how you can do that job as it looks cold and dangeous. All the best to you and your family.

    carol and bob from kelowna bc.

  78. Doug D. says:

    Glad to hear your feeling better Capt. Phil. Love the show. Got to meet the Hillstrand Brothers Last week. Would love to meet you and your crew one day. Love all you guys in a non fagot way. Best wishes

  79. Lauren Vaughan says:

    Captain Phil,
    Our hopes and prayers are with you. Remember the cigarettes are only going to make your recovery much harder, give them up and drink 6-8 cups of fresh brewed green tea daily. Green tea is a wonderful way to build your immune system back up once you quit smoking. You’ll need vitamins too but I’ll just advise the green tea for now. Watch ewtn for daily rosaries and novenas to help you relax and meditate. Peace be with Phil,
    Friends in Bama

  80. Master & Crew, Havila Faith says:

    Get well, Phil. We won’t worry you with prayers, we know what you go through every day,all seafarers do. Just know that our respect goes to you and your family. Smooth seas, shipmate!

  81. Linda K says:

    Captain Phil, you can quit, I did and I smoked for 40 years. I hope when you return, your back to better health. I laugh when your boys pull their antics. I raised two boys, so I know how they can be. We can’t wait for the new season to start. Be safe and hugs to all.

  82. Mary Jo F says:

    Hi Phil, My husband & I watch each season, LOVE all you Captains, feel as if we know you. You are in our prayers. We heard on the news about the storm in the Berring Sea and said OH, our Captains are out there! and said a prayer for you all. We truly believe that God sent the wave to throw you against the dresser, to break up the clot, so it would pass thru and not lodge in your heart. Nothing is by accident when the BIG MAN at the BIG WHEELHOUSE UPSTAIRS is looking out for you. Nothing is impossible when you put your faith in Him to get you through this time. We are thinking of you & your sons.
    Your Friends in Mississippi

  83. ed chesterfield says:

    how are you feeling skipper i myself skipper a 12 metre trawler
    and have just given up cigars so you had better give up so you will see your grandchildren keep on rocking boss

  84. Jenny Dahl says:

    Hi Capt. Phil!

    Well, it’s November and Deadliest Catch (except for reruns – which I still watch) is gone for the TV season – but you’re not! We’re still concerned about you and think of you often. How about an update on what’s going on with you now?

    Wishing only good things for you and your boys (and new girlfriend?)! Let us hear from you! You are missed and loved.

    Jenny Dahl

  85. Bella` says:

    Hope you come back to the show Phil, you’re my favorite. If you’re not on, I’ll stop watching.

  86. Mike t says:


    Keep strong Man


  87. GG says:

    Cpt. Phil
    I know it’s hard not to be on your boat, but please, please do what is necessary to stay alive. I love Deadliest Catch, and you are my absolute favorite capt, and I don’t want anything to happen to you. As all of the dedicated Deadliest Catch watcher knows the Bering Sea is deadly, and it’s the last place you should be if you’re not in tip top condition.

  88. Judy and Ted says:

    Dear Captain Phil,

    My husband and i just wanted you to know you’re in are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope you make a full recovery. Josh and Jake seem like really terrific young men, and they obviously love you very much, so do what ever you got to do to get healthy and stay that way. Every kid needs their dad no matter how old they are. I lost my dad recently, and i miss him very much.

    We love all the captains on the show, but you’re our favorite, and the Cornelia Marie would not be the same without you. Watching the show is like visiting with old friends every week, so stay safe, stay healty, and god bless you, your sons, and all the captains and crew. You guys have a lot of guts to do what you do.

    Best Wishes,
    Ted and Judy in Connecticut

  89. ChrisL says:

    Dear Capt Phil may god bless you and may his intervention provide you with a speedy recovery! May the sun shine on your face, may the wind be always at your back to fill ye sails at full tack!

    Best Regards

    Chris Lemke

  90. nick says:

    capt. phil i wish you well hope everything turns out ok hang in there

  91. Richard Sais says:

    Captian Phil, I just want to tell you that you and your crew are my favorite, on the show. Keep up the good work!May God always be with your crew, when ya”ll are out at sea.
    God bless.
    Richard Sais

  92. Gary Sanders says:

    You’re in our prayers. Keep up the good work.

  93. Auntie Penny says:

    Captain Phil

    I hope all is well with your health. Can you update us as to how you are doing?

    Auntie Penny Florida

  94. Brooke Orr says:

    It was great meeting you tonight at Eskimo Joes. I didnt have a chance to ask how things were going with were health but i pray things are kicking ass with you. take care of your shit and listen to your fuckin doctors. I look forward to seeing my favorite captian for years to come. later on Captain!!!!

  95. kelly says:

    i watch you all the time, you are very popular in new zealand, best wishes to you (STOP SMOKING) i will give up if you do


  96. Robin Queen says:

    I never thought that crab fishing could be so fasinating. If I were a young man, I think I would give it a go. But unfortunately I am an older woman. I am however able to watch the show and I’m totally hooked on it. I admire all you men who are so brave and I hope all are well and continue to be blessed.

  97. D says:

    RIP, Cap’n Phil.

  98. Pete Habel says:

    My deepest sympathies go out to Capt’n Phil’s family & Sons. Find comfort in the fact that your Father was an awesome man. Draw on your memories of him to get you guys through this unbearable time. Thanks to the show the whole world now knows what an amazing person your father was. He will be missed worldwide. GodSPeed Phil…Godspeed.

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