“Deadliest Catch” King crab season (schedule)

The full schedule for the King crab season is out. One on the last episodes has yet to be titled but all eppy descriptions are there. It sounds like it will end with a bang! According to the descriptions, the Cornelia Marie crew not only has a power outage, they also have to deal with the potential loss of their skipper for the season. The Northwestern must deal with crew errors and an accident on deck. The Wizard and the Time Bandit will be racing for the “string of the week” bet, and the North American is somewhere’s in there, on the scene! Don’t miss it!

On another note, this week’e guest on Discovery’s livechat is Edgar Hansen of the Northwestern. If you’ve never attended, follow this link. Once you sign in you may type in a question or two and you’ll be able to read along as Edgar answers many of the questions that are posted to him. It begins at 10pm eastern but be there earlier then that. When the Discovery chat room fills up, it can create a bottleneck and be difficult to enter. With Edgar Hansen in the house this week, the room will be full early!

Deadliest Catch –April 15th 9pm eastern
Episode 1

The crab fishing fleet once again sets off to brave the deadly Bering Sea and cash in on king crab. But first, Northwestern must quickly make much needed repairs. Wizard trains two greenhorns and Time Bandit welcomes Johnathan’s son Scott.

Deadliest Catch –April 15TH 9pm eastern
Episode 2

The crews are off to stake their claims on coveted grounds, but the sea is not going to give up its bounty without a fight. The Time Bandit pulls a prank. After only 48 hours, one Wizard greenhorn is already starting to fall apart.

Deadliest Catch –April 22ND 9pm eastern
Episode 3

A mechanical breakdown presses Northwestern’s Edgar to make a dangerous repair. Meanwhile questionable counting makes Sig lose his temper. Hard work separates the greenhorns on Wizard. On Cornelia Marie, Phil’s health is failing and impacts the crew.

Deadliest Catch–April 29th 9pm eastern
Episode 4

Greenhorns, skippers, and family fishing dynasties begin to crack. On Northwestern, Sig and Edgar have a “last man standing” contest to see who can fish the longest without sleep. Time Bandit’s Captn Johnathan has a brush with death.

Deadliest Catch–May 06th 9pm eastern
Episode 5

Tempers flare onboard Wizard and Northwestern. Time Bandit has a dangerous electrical short. On Cornelia Marie, Phil’s health deteriorates. Early Dawn runs headlong into high seas when its greenhorn falls asleep at the wheel.

Deadliest Catch–May 13th 9pm eastern
Episode 6

With a few weeks left in king crab season, the fate of every deckhand’s paycheck sits squarely on his captain’s shoulders. Time Bandit’s Capt Johnathan has had good fishing but a string of bad luck for crew and boat. The North American returns to duty.

May 20th 9pm eastern
Episode 7 (untitled)

As the King Crab season ticks down, mass amounts of stinging jellyfish in unfilled pots add insult to injury. The Cornelia Marie faces losing their captain for good. Crew mistakes onboard Northwestern could be costly.

Deadliest Catch–May 27th 9pm eastern
Episode 8

As the King Crab season comes to an end, a deck accident slows down the Northwestern. Cornelia Marie’s power outage comes at an inopportune time. North American does a “Hail Mary” play. Wizard and Time Bandit race for the “String of the Week” prize.

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4 Responses to “Deadliest Catch” King crab season (schedule)

  1. Deb says:

    What A great site I will definetely be back. I am adding you to my wiki page on discovery so other fans of DC can come and visit ya!!


  2. beringsea56 says:

    As a former long time Bering Sea Crabber, I love sitting at home watching the show, The Discovery Channel photographers do a big time justice to this big time fisherey
    If my old boat wasn’t up for sale I’d still be there, The IFQ Quota system allowes boat owners to get out of the fishery sell their boats keep their quota and have some other boat catch their share, but the whole crew is out of luck and out of work.


  4. sarahshack says:

    I’m not a crabber groupie, but this job is amazingly dangerous and don’t know anyone who eats those legs anymore without a thought to the hard way they get to us!

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