Lots of action on the “Deadliest Catch” front this week!

As the countdown to season 4 escalates, and as “showtime” nears, most Deadliest Catch websites are updating and revamping by the minute!  Let’s start with the Mother of all Deadliest Catch sites–Discovery.

Discovery Website–The list of what they offer for fans in the way of Deadliest Catch is becoming almost too long to explain, so here’s what’s new in the last few days:  Fans can give a shout out to their favorite crews or to all crews for that matter.  Each crew/vessel has it’s own phone number, you may call any of the numbers and leave a shout out of your own or you can just listen in.  Check it out

Starting out tonight–April 15th– is a continuation of one of their best Deadliest Catch features–the weekly chat interviews!  Each week one of the featured fishermen from the show is interviewed live on Discovery and fans may send in their own questions.  Last year all of the skippers and some of the deckhands were interviewed and this year they’re starting out with Monte Colburn of the F/V Wizard.  Should be very interesting.  Chats always take place at 10pm eastern so if you’d like to ask a question and be there for the interview, arrive early as it can be tricky getting into the chatroom when its a full house! 

Time Bandit Website–What’s not new there?  Their website has a completely new look!  There’s a new photo album of images never seen before, a detailed events section (don’t forget, the Hillstrands are slated to appear on CNBC with Donny Deutsch on the 15th), a beautiful page dedicated to the Seafarer’s Memorial, and a Time Bandit store that currently looks to be getting updated–should be good!  If that isn’t enough, the site also reports that the Hillstrands will soon be selling their own Time Bandit crab and they also plan on autographing 250 copies of their new book, “Time Bandit”.

North American Website–Hey they’re up and running!  you can go there, meet the crew, and read a bit about them, including Eric Nyhammer–skipper of the Rollo, deckhand on the North American.  They’re still in the process of posting media info on the vessel itself and on their merchandise store, but it’s coming soon and it sounds promising for fans who collect Deadliest Catch merchandise.  Here’s what they say…

Soon, we will have some cool ass stuff for you to buy! We promise.We are in the process of desgining, creating and testing our products!
Only the highest quality stuff will reach your door step.

Northwestern Website–This site has always had a few video clips but now there’s a whole lot more!  There’s several clips of the 2008 Opilio season, there’s one of Capt. Sig pointing out maintenance and work to get done on the Northwestern, and many more with previously unseen crabbing film footage.  Capt. Sig even did the filming himself on one of them!  Check it out!  On the very same page, you can read up on the soon to be released Xbox game and you may pre-order it there as well.  The store link will take you to Helly Hansen’s website, the official merchandise sponsor of Northwestern gear and there are lots of new items there and they seem to add new things often.

Wizard Website–The F/V Wizard finally just arrived home last week but that hasn’t prevented Capt. Keith Colburn from updating his website.  Already posted is a new Whizquiz where the skipper poses a tough question for fans and the winner gets a prize!  Also new is an updated Wizard banner and a very nice page of crew biographies, including the two new greenhorns!  Word is there’s merchandise coming up soon.  We’ll be keeping an eye out for Wiz souvenirs…

Cornelia Marie Website–The Cornelia Marie store recently added a new heavy duty t-shirt that was was voted on and chosen by fans!  Keep up with what’s happening on their blog.  Recently they posted a tale told by none other then Capt. Phil Harris, that is an excerpt from Discovery’s new Deadliest Catch book!  If you check it out today, you can see a new photo of Josh Harris in New York…that’s right, they’ve hit the east coast!



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