“Deadliest Catch” Skippers & their music

 Fishermen are well known to blast music on the deck while fishing however, some of the skippers have reported the music stays off when the Discovery camera crews are around because otherwise we wouldn’t hear anything.  But about the music, have you wondered what their favorite tunes are?  If you check out this Rolling Stone Extra, you can find out all about it on a page aptly called Deadliest Rock.  Make the jump, it’s worth your time!

(image courtesy of RollingStone online)


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2 Responses to “Deadliest Catch” Skippers & their music

  1. Jen says:

    HOW COOL!!! Love this.

  2. diane skiba (blackwidow) says:

    i was watching your program when it first came out,right from the start,and fell in love with it.i am so glued to the tv when your program is on.it is the best tv program in the world.i got everyone watching it.i just love all of the people who put your program together and also i have alot of respect for everyone on the program and on the boats.the captains are so awesome.i pray for all of the boats and the crab workers.watching the program keeps you on the edge of your seat.i can feel their pain.i would love to find a husband,who works so hard and has the energy to even do that kind of job.those are real men,in my book.thrilling,crazy real men,the kind of man i am looking for!!!!!!! may god be with all of the fishermen on all of the baots.i love that program.maybe one of the guys will read this and god will send me a husband!!!!!!! thanks a million,diane from colorado

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