What do these fishermen have in common?

Nick Mavar, Jake Anderson, John Mavar. (Photo courtesy of Matt Wallis)

What do Nick Mavar, Jake Anderson, and John Mavar have in common?  Besides the fact that they’re all from Anacortes, Washington and they’ve all been featured on “Deadliest Catch”, they also all happen to be related!  That’s right, Nick Mavar (Northwestern) and John Mavar–the almost saintly deckhand from the F/V Far West Leader, who suffered a season of verbal abuse from deckboss Chilly, are brothers and Jake Anderson (Northwestern) is their nephew!  Marta  Mervosh writes about the Mavar clan in goskagit.com 

Discovery Channel documentary series features three Anacortes fishermen

Imagine sliding on an icy, storm-tossed deck of a fishing boat, trying to pull fully loaded crab pots, each weighing 2,000 pounds, from the depths of the Bering Sea.

Millions of dollars ride on your concentration, skill, speed and endurance to do a dangerous job. If you’re lucky, you’re running on a couple hours of sleep.

And then a cameraman gets in your face and starts asking questions.

Welcome to the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch,” an Emmy-nominated cable television series that for three seasons has followed five boats to spotlight the dangerous job of Alaskan crab fishing in the Bering Sea. The series is expected to last five seasons.

Three Anacortes fishermen — brothers Nick and John Mavar and Jake Anderson, a nephew of the Mavars — are among the crew members featured in the series.

When the series returns for its fourth season Tuesday, April 15, Anderson and Nick Mavar will be onboard the Northwestern, along with fan favorites Captain Sig Hansen and deck boss Edgar Hansen…

…Continued here


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8 Responses to What do these fishermen have in common?

  1. Adam says:

    only 5 seasons =/

    dont want tit to end! everrrrrrr

  2. opilia says:

    Yes, I know…but that’s the first I’ve heard of 5 year expectation. I’m guessing, but I would think the ratings will decided how long.

  3. Jen says:

    Noooooooooo they can’t end it!!!!! Come on. They’ve had Survivor on FOREVER!!!!!! Can’t they keep DC on for those of us who are obsessed–er um, I mean love the show.

    Say it ain’t so Opilia!!! Look into your crystal crab pot and tell us!!!

  4. Frieda says:

    In my humble opinion, as long as our show is the ratings winner on Discovery it will go on. Perhaps with different boats but no one is going to kill the ‘goose who lays the golden eggs’!

  5. opilia says:

    I agree, Discovery’s biggest hit shouldn’t be going anywhere’s as long as it remains as popular as it is, and I’m thinking this year will “outrate” last year…

  6. Karenda says:

    My mother got us hooked on this show this past week when we were vacationing for spring break.
    There were four generations there are every second we had spare, we were staring at the t.v. watching the marathon. We have now sat in front of the t.v. for over 2 days watching all the episodes. I think we watched many more than once. I appreciate what these guys do and will keep them in our prayers. I hope the show continues.

  7. Living on the EDGE fan says:

    As much as we all love them…turning them into long-term
    movie characters would erase their true essence of being the fishermen which is who we really love! Live life!! Enjoy now.

  8. Lothian says:

    THANK YOU!! Every time I watch footage of the Farwest Leader I think to myself, damn that guy John Mavar sounds *exactly* like Nick Mavar on the Northwestern. I thought for sure that if they were related, discovery would have made the connection on the show, so I always thought I was crazy. I mean, I still am crazy …

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