New “Deadliest Catch” by the Numbers (2007-2008 crab seasons)

F/V Wizard during Opilio season 2008. (image courtesy of Discovery)

 Is everyone watching the “Deadliest Catch” marathon today?  There’s some new behind the scene statistics for this season.  You may remember a very similiar article from last year.  The numbers are slightly different this time.  For example Original Productions used a few more cameras this season, and Don Bland (regular camera man on the Northwestern)  apparently knows how to put on his survival suit in record time.  Kudos to Don!



The pounds of equipment the production team ships from Los Angeles to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, to film DEADLIEST CATCH.


The number of cameras the film crew left Dutch Harbor with this season. Only a third of those make it back to land in working order. The others fall victim to the saltwater and frigid temperatures and accidents on deck.


The hours of footage that are shot over the course of king and opilio crab seasons, filling 5,000 videotapes. This footage is painstakingly edited down to 16 one-hour episodes.


The number of cameramen used to film the fourth season of DEADLIEST CATCH.


The number of cameramen, of those 18, who returned from last year to shoot the new season.


The average number of days a cameraman will spend at sea over the course of one complete season of DEADLIEST CATCH.


The record number of consecutive days a DEADLIEST CATCH cameraman spent at sea (a cameraman on the F/V Northwestern in the 2006 Cod/Opilio Season)


The number of seconds under which each cameraman must be able to put on his survival suit before he is allowed to go out to sea.


The number of seconds veteran cameraman Don Bland got into his suit during training.


The number of minutes someone can survive in the Bering Sea without a survival suit. 







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2 Responses to New “Deadliest Catch” by the Numbers (2007-2008 crab seasons)

  1. Llama says:

    I haven’t turned the channel once.I may be obsessed but what is a girl to do? I gotta have my Sig fix whenever I can get it. He is even better fresh than when he has been sitting inside my dvr for a few days.

  2. Ishmael says:

    Pretty spiffy collection of numbers there.

    I don’t know how huge fans will react to this, but it seems most Alaskans treat this show like the singer Jewel (who’s from Homer). We are interested when info is presented, but nobody makes a big deal out of it. Nothing against it, mind you. But when the local fishermen come back to town, they’re just regular guys in Tony’s Bar.



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