“Deadliest Catch” Special for Fans!

(photo courtesy of Discovery)

Discovery has a special offer for “Deadliest Catch” fans given that we’re on the eve of the fantastic 2-hour premiere of “Deadliest Catch” season 4!  Not only are they offering free shipping through April 18th,  they’re also offering a $10 discount on any “Deadliest Catch” season set including the Ultimate Deadliest Catch Fan Collection of all three seasons.  So if you here reading this, the almost secret discount code to use to take advantage of the $10 discount is DC10OFF.  Choices are season 1, season 2, season 3, the Ultimate Fan Collection including the pilot episode and yes, you can also pre-order season 4!  Check out Discovery! 


Are you a great fan of “Deadliest Catch” and a serious Xbox gamer?  If so, let us know!

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One Response to “Deadliest Catch” Special for Fans!

  1. Dawn Champion says:

    LOVE THE SHOW!!! ESPECIALLY EDGAR HANSON. I am dying to find out, How do you keep the hydraulic equipment from freezing in THE HELLISH BERING SEA ?

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