Discovery’s new book, Deadliest Catch, Desperate Hours should soon be enroute to readers if it’s not already, and fans will not be sorry about having made the purchase!  Deadliest Reports was blessed to have received an early copy which shall now be dubbed the Deadliest Reports Bible and here’s why…

The show Deadliest Catch has captured events in the crab fisheries very well over the last four years and brought us so many interesting details, but what about before that?  Imagine the stories, the accidents, the storms, and the pranks we’ve never heard of.  Up until now, those memories existed only in the minds of the fishermen who lived them, but lucky for us, thats not so anymore.  Writer Dan Weeks and editor Larry Erickson have put together a book that that is void of almost any narration yet filled with mariner tales that come straight from the horses mouths!  From the book:

“In their own words, the fearless men you’ve seen on Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” describe the majesty, bravery, and terror they’ve witnessed–in true and personal tales that go beyond the view of TV camers.  This vivid book takes you into the homes, boats, brawls, and bars of real-life guys in the world’s most dangerous occupation:  carb fishing near the frigid crest of the world.”  

(image courtesy of Discovery)

Deadliest Catch Desperate Hours is divided into four large chapters–The Men, Desperate Hours, Life at Sea, and Life Ashore, and each of these chapters has many subsections that contain tales from all of the Deadliest Catch skippers and several of the deckhands.  Find out why Captain Phil Harris claims he was raised by the police department and read about the F/V Time Bandit’s run in with a 130′ wave in Unimak Pass!  We’ve heard about how superstitious Captain Sig Hansen is, but you’ll also get to read about Captain Keith Colburn’s lucky Cup o’ Noodles spittoon and how he declared it an emergency one year when he realized he hadn’t brought any Cup o’ Noodles on board!

In the book, Sig Hansen says (about Deadliest Catch), “This show is about more then big waves”, and likewise, fans will find that Deadliest Catch Desperate Hours is about much more then just fishermen telling their stories,–although that in itself is plenty interesting. It’s about a fishery and a way of working and living out at sea that’s existed for generations yet it’s barely ever been documented.   

The stories of rescue will captivate and uplift you and the many stories of lost lives and sunken ships will shock you.  Hands down, the most horrifying tale in the book is of Phil Harris overhearing a man who was stuck in the wheelhouse of a sinking ship.  He couldn’t get out through the window because he didn’t fit and as he died, the entire fleet listened to his last spoken words.

The sadness of the loss of lives over the years is balanced out with the extreme comraderie that these fishermen and crews share with each other during their long tours out on the Bering sea.  Pranking each other seems to be a favorite past time.  You’ll be able to read about Sig Hansen–who as a young fisherman–was told by the crew that he could write as many love letters as he wanted and they would drop them off at the mail buoy out in the middle of the Bering sea…right!  And one time, Larry Hendricks of the Sea Star, set all the clocks eight hours ahead while the crew was sleeping and when they got to town they all got dressed up for an exciting night out at the bars and come to find out, it was only noon! 

If you thought the four episodes of After the Catch were interesting last year, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Deadliest Catch Desperate Hours, as it’s jam-packed with exactly what all good Deadliest Catch fans crave, which is MORE, MORE, MORE! 

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