A Deadliest Conference Call Interview with the Hillstrands

There was a live conference call held between bloggers and a couple of featured skippers from Discovery’s hit show, “Deadliest Catch”.  It was short, it was sweet, and it was very deadly in a several different manners….

   (screen caps courtesy of myspace DeadliestCaps)


First of all, the conference call interview took place between a handful of bloggers and none other then Captains Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand from the F/V Time Bandit! That alone made it a very deadly event.  It was set up by Discovery,  hosted by Cynthia of echoditto, and posted by Team Geared Up. The bloggers attending consisted of Lisa representing the Wired Kayak, John of Team Geared Up, myself (Deadliest Reports), Jennifer from Red Neck Romance Writers, Kendall from the BackCountry.com blog, and Mindy from The Queen Mum.  After we were introduced to each other, Cynthia went around, round robin-style, and let us pose questions.

The conference call was planned to last approximately an hour which would have made for a great “Deadliest Catch”/Time Bandit interview, but about 25 minutes into our live discussion, the Conference system crashed, disconnecting us all from each other.  Again, just proof of how deadly this get-together was!  Now had we been out in the middle of the Bering sea, on a fishing vessel, and riding 30′ waves, there is no doubt that the skippers would have come to the rescue and salvaged our one and only opportunity to interrogate them about details of the upcoming season 4 but alas, no such luck!

So miracle worker/hostess/moderator Cynthia put together our 25 minute conversation and posted it so everyone could listen to it.  Short as it is, Diehard “Deadliest Catch” fans, especially Time Bandit fans will be happy to hear from skippers Johnathan and Andy as they talk about life at sea, a fisherman’s lifestyle, auctioning off a date with Capt. Johnathan, the new Time Bandit book, and more!  And lastly, a little quote from one of the skippers themselves in reference to previewing the upcoming season 4 of “Deadliest Catch”, “…In the first five minutes of the first episode, your hair will stand on end.”

Make the jump, listen to the interview



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4 Responses to A Deadliest Conference Call Interview with the Hillstrands

  1. nwlimited says:

    Thanks for sharing this!!!

  2. Dawn says:

    I have to say. I have listen to the dialog twice and I am glad you were there. Yours is the only blog I read and you are very good at keeping us informed. The discussion also reaffirms that the Hillstands stand out as gentlemen, as well as superior captains in the fleet. I am awaitng the new season of DC. Thanks for the incredible work you do. Please do continue to keep us informed.

  3. opilia says:

    Thanks much Dawn, it was my pleasure!

  4. jeanni says:

    Great interview! It’s so cool to hear them talk about their lives. With this show being so popular, it’s easy to forget that they are just regular guys just doing their job. Listening to them just reinforces that they really are just normal guys.
    Thanks for posting this!

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