Time Bandit News: A new website and an upcoming interview for the Hillstrands!

Interesting news for “Deadliest Catch” fans!  Team Geared Up, an outdoors/adventure, international website, will be interviewing Captains Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand via telephone.  It takes place tomorrow, April 3rd.  If you’re interested in having a question answered by these “Deadliest Catch” fishermen, you can make the jump to Team Geared up, register, and post your questions or you can leave a question here on Deadliest Reports.  An mp3 file of the interview will be available to listen to at a later time.  It should be pretty exciting!  The Hillstrands are extremely busy these days…so they have plenty to talk about.  They have a book hitting the stands in less then a week, their website just had a complete face-lift (You must check that out!), they’re gearing up for a major “Deadliest Catch” tour and no doubt for book signing events as well, and they recently brought the F/V Time Bandit down to the west coast for some major maintenance and repairs. 


SINGAPORE (Team Geared Up) – Team Geared Up will be interviewing the TV stars of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch tomorrow. Brothers and co-captains of the ship Time Bandit, Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand will answer our TGU readers questions along with other bloggers on this exclusive call.

Ever seen Deadliest Catch? You may remember their dramatic rescue, last season, of a man who fell into the Bering Sea near where they were fishing. If not – tune in… crab fishing in the freezing conditions is more interesting and daring than you can imagine.

If you were on the phone to them, what would you ask? We’ll ask it for you!

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8 Responses to Time Bandit News: A new website and an upcoming interview for the Hillstrands!

  1. Jen says:

    I think I’d ask Jonathan what he’s looking for in a woman. Hey! I’m a romance writer! LOL.
    You don’t want to know what I’d ask Andy. It’s bad. (I’m kidding)

  2. Charles says:

    Can’t wait for the new season to start.

    I think that I’ve seen each passed episode at least 2 times and some even more.

  3. Mindi says:

    Hey – I was just on that phone call with you….did you get cut off at 8:30 as well? I keep trying to call back and just get a busy signal!

  4. opilia says:

    me too. I thought it was just me. I’m going to keep trying…

  5. Jen says:

    Yep, I guess we had to cut it short but WHAT A BLAST!!!!! Those guys are great.
    Hey, Opilia, do you have a buy link to their book?

  6. opilia says:

    If you want an autographed book, keep checking in on the Time Bandit site as they’ve already signed 250 copies. They dont have a link to buy it yet but I imagine it’ll be soon…

  7. Chuck Mullis says:

    Do you sell timebandit hoodies?

  8. opilia says:

    The Time Bandit website sells hoodies. Try this link…

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