Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch” wiki is alive and running!

The newest feature on the Discovery website for “Deadliest Catch” fans is the “Deadliest Catch” wiki.  To date it’s probably the most entertaining feature for diehard fans of the show as it’s completely interactive and allows members to add images, text, and art to its multitudes of pages!  But are you wondering what a wiki is by any chance?

According to wikipedia–which by the way is a massive wiki in of itself–wiki wiki is a Hawaiian word that means “fast”.  Supposedly the developer of wiki was at a Hawaiian airport in 1995 and was directed by an employee there to take the wiki wiki bus to get to his destination.  The name stuck. 

The official definition is:

A wiki is software that allows users to easily create, edit, and link pages together

Imagine putting together Myspace and wikipedia, except the only topic of discussion on all of the pages is “Deadliest Catch”… Discovery’s done it:

The Deadliest Catch | Episode GuideWelcome to the Deadliest Catch Fan Wiki! This site is for the fans by the fans. That’s right — everyone can help build the ultimate fansite for the Discovery Channel’s electrifying reality series, Deadliest Catch.

Whatcha’ waitin’ for? Get those survival suits on and take these urgent orders from Capt. Sig, “Shut up and…wiki!!” Welcome to the Deadliest Catch Wiki

The “Deadliest Catch” wiki went live at the end of last week and already has 400 plus members!  Once you sign up, you fill out your profile much like Myspace but again, all questions you respond to are “Deadliest Catch” oriented.  But there’s so much more. 

 Each “Deadliest Catch” skipper, each “Deadliest Catch” fishing vessel, and each “Deadliest Catch” episode has it’s own page or profile and guess who enters information and images on those pages?  you do!  It’s a community completely built up by fans!

Oh and theres a sweepstakes you can enter to actually meet some of the “Deadliest Catch” skippers too.  But you have to join first!  Winners get to attend the “Deadliest Catch” VIP parties with some of their favorite fishermen!

The Deadliest Catch captains are going on the road to celebrate season 4 of Deadliest Catch. If you live in or near Philadelphia or Seattle, you can join them for crab legs and a beer. You’ll be among the first to preview new episodes and receive a copy of the new book Deadliest Catch: Desperate Hours. Don’t miss your chance to be a Deadliest Catch Superfan and VIP! Parties will be held on the following dates:

Philadelphia: April 22nd
Seattle: May 6th

Still wondering what it’s like?  Some fans have already been working hard at logging information on the “Deadliest Catch” wiki.  Check out a few–The Cornelia Marie, John Hillstrand, Sig Hansen. Those profiles were mostly blank to begin with and now thanks to fans, there’s some pretty good reading there! 

Head over there and give it a shot!  If you need a wiki-friend or just want to say hello, this is my page,  give me a holler!  you may want to brush up on your favorite quotes and most memorable “Deadliest Catch” moments first…..

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2 Responses to Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch” wiki is alive and running!

  1. Jen says:

    I’m totally Wiki now. Thanks for the invite.

  2. KIM DALEY says:


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